Why should your business accept Nano? 5 reasons!

Accept Nano Payments

A big thanks to the Nano community who helped perfect this article! Since Bitcoin was introduced, many businesses have started to accept it as a means of payment — but then quit doing so. Bitcoin is volatile, the transaction approval may take 30-50 minutes, and its network fees are way too high especially in regards … Read more

Best Crypto Casinos

Best Crypto Casinos

The gambling industry adopted cryptocurrencies a long time ago since its key players, ranging from poker to sports betting websites, understood how convenient, secure, and fast this technology was compared to fiat money. Currently, there are numerous online venues offering various games which both accept crypto and even use blockchain as the platform for their … Read more

Cryptocurrencies and Casinos

Cryptocurrencies and casino

Cryptocurrencies have demonstrated their potential as an excellent alternative to fiat currencies and are now being accepted as payment by companies that operate in completely different spheres and markets. The gambling industry revolves around money, and it is only natural for casinos to view anything that has economic value as viable means to play with. … Read more

Lotteries with cryptocurrencies

Lotteries and Crypto

Cryptocurrency lotteries are the same as your typical lottery games, except payments for tickets are made in Bitcoin or Ethereum, and any winning is paid out in cryptocurrencies as well. Read article to learn more!