What is music’s potential crypto boom?

Music Crypto

Music has been a significant part of most people’s daily lives since ancient times. Being more than just art or entertainment, music is a great medium for cultural exchange. Over time the music demand has built a major business industry comprising production, publishing, distribution, album sales, and live concerts. However, each of these music fields … Read more

Is DigiByte Energy-Efficient?

digibyte energy consumption

Read this DigiByte review and see DigiByte coin benefits: Proof-of-Work protocol and 5 mining algorithms which allow for a balanced consumption of electricity

Environmental Sustainability of Elrond (EGLD)

EGLD Sustainability

The impact of technology of any kind – ranging from energy production to transport and commerce – has on the environment is a global issue. The energy efficiency increase brought by digitization has been having a positive effect that alleviates some climate concerns. Technology such as blockchain is set to drive efficiency even further. There … Read more

“Green” Nano and Environment

Green Nano

Formerly known as RaiBlocks (XRB), Nano (NANO) is an open-source cryptocurrency which set out to address blockchain scalability issues in 2014. The project aimed to limit transaction times to just under one second. It is an environmentally friendly protocol, especially when compared compared to the energy-consuming Bitcoin.  Nano is one of the few crypto projects … Read more