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NOWPayments is a crypto payment gateway that lets you accept Klaytn payments and donations in an easy and convenient way. Try this Klaytn payment gateway NOW!

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Accept Klaytn Payments

What is Klaytn payment?

Klaytn payment allows your customers to use KLAY cryptocurrency as a payment option for goods or services.

KLAY is the native currency of the public Klaytn blockchain. Klaytn is a project that is aimed at the GameFi and metaverse sector. The platform has many advantages such as decentralization, high scalability, and network speed, as well as low service fees. Klaytn is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create unique metaverses in a fast and easy manner. Klaytn provides developers with a universal metaverse package that includes all the necessary tools to create a metaverse from scratch. To date, Klaytn is the leading blockchain for gaming and metaverses, which makes the native KLAY token a sought-after digital asset.

On NOWPayments, merchants can configure the acceptance of KLAY payments via various payment tools: plugins, API, invoices, crypto subscriptions, and even PoS terminals. Accepting KLAY as a payment option will allow you to expand your customer base, get ahead of the competition, and ensure a profitable flow of funds.

What is Klaytn payment gateway?

Klaytn payment gateway is a set of tools that you can add to your website in just a few clicks. The integration allows merchants to start accepting KLAY as a payment option for their goods and services.

How does Klaytn payment work?

You want to accept
KLAY for your
goods or services

NOWPayments provides a wide range of payment tools with which you can start accepting KLAY payments on any platform, website, or even in an offline store.

Your customer
wishes to pay
with crypto

NOWPayments provides more than 100 cryptocurrencies, including KLAY, that can be used as a payment option for your goods or services.

with the

NOWPayments generates a payment window and provides your customer with all the information necessary for payment.

You get profit
directly to your

NOWPayments does not store your funds, immediately after the service has processed the payment, the funds are transferred to your Klaytn wallet.

Why accept Klaytn

Klaytn is a metaverse blockchain that occupies a leading position in the market. Klaytn has a developed ecosystem of services and partnerships and also has an active and dedicated community. By accepting KLAY for payment, you can boost your sales thanks to the influx of new customers, as well as get ahead of competitors and make your business truly borderless.

  • Rocket-fast international payments
  • Chargeback-free
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Low minimum payment amount

How to accept Klaytn payments?

First, you need to sign up for a NOWPayments account. The process shouldn’t take more than a minute!
Go to Store settings. Add your Klaytn wallet and create a new API key.
Choose the tool to add to your checkout.
The integration will be active on your website, and you’re ready to accept payments in Klaytn!

import axios from 'axios';
    params: {
      amount: 100,
      currency_from: 'USD',
      currency_to: 'KLAY',
    headers: { 'x-api-key': 'your_api_key' },
  .then((response) => {

Klaytn payment methods

Payments: API, payment plugins, invoices
Payouts: Mass payments API
Donations: Donation button, widget or link
Custom Solutions: Casino

More about Klaytn payments

  • Sign up
  • Enter your Klaytn address
  • Create an API key
  • Choose your method of integration: API, plugins, invoices or a donation button, donation widget or a donation link
  • Add the payment method to your checkout!
  • Accept Klaytn!
The Klaytn payment method is a way to expand the available payment options for your goods or services and accept KLAY as a payment option. You can set up the acceptance of KLAY payments via API, e-commerce plugins, invoices, etc.
Unfortunately, you can’t buy gift cards to purchase on Amazon with KLAY.
No, PayPal does not support Klaytn.
Yes, you can, NOWPayments offers an off-ramp (crypto-to-fiat) solution.
You can fill out a form in your NOWPayments account to request fiat withdrawals and cash out Klaytn.
Yes, you can.
You need to have a Klaytn wallet from which you will be able to send Klaytn payments. Just copy the address or scan the QR code and send the required amount.
Klaytn payments are secure and transparent.
You can use the NOWPayments donation widget or button to accept donations on your website or platform. You can also create a donation link to accept KLAY donations on Youtube, Twitch, etc., or send it directly to your audience.
Yes, you can. Use NOWPayments payment gateway to accept Klaytn payments.
Crypto regulation of Klaytn payments depends on your jurisdiction.
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