How to accept BNB as a payment method

Receive payments in BNB on your website with NOWPayments. NOWPayments enables you to receive online payments in various cryptocurrencies, including BNB. Introduced in 2017 by Binance, BNB fits many purposes and can be used for many cases. For example, it can be used to pay online for services and products, travelling and entertainment. As you see, it meets the needs of your customers. We guarantee that your BNB transactions will be transparent, prompt, and safe. With NOWPayments, you have several options of accepting payments in cryptocurrency online. Firstly, you can benefit from our secure API. Secondly, you can make the most of receiving money with one of our CMS plugins. Also, to receive payments in BNB, you can use widgets or buttons. Last but not least, we have a brand new option to obsess over - Invoices.
The cool news is that we are constantly finding new solutions to upgrade our system, so that you can accept payments in BNB online in the most suitable way. Experience the most efficient payment processing right now! Just sign up, generate API key and specify your wallet address. NOWPayments is the best way of receiving online payments in BNB!

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