Accept crypto using a PoS terminal

A simple Point-of-Sale software integration with NOWPayments will offer you customers an easy way to spend their crypto in your offline store.
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Accept crypto on WooCommerce

How to start accepting crypto using the NOWPayments Point-of-Sale system

  1. Add your crypto wallet address and generate an API Key
  2. Go to Store Settings >> PoS Terminal Link
  3. Create a link
  4. Get profit
PoS Terminal

What crypto can you accept with the Point-of-Sale system?

Why accept crypto in offline stores?

                    100+ coins and
                    No chargebacks
and banking fees
PoS Terminal

What is Point-of-Sale (PoS)?

Point-of-Sale systems allow merchants to calculate the amount a customer needs to pay and issue an invoice. In short, it is the point when the customer makes the payment in a physical store. A PoS terminal processes and records transactions. With the NOWPayments crypto Point-of-Sale system, your customers will be able to pay with cryptocurrency when buying from your offline store. Point-of-sale systems offer a lot of benefits, such as quick payments, simple invoicing and the ability to manage your transactions.

Who uses crypto Point-of-Sale?

Food industry: Burger King Venezuela
Point-of sale systems for small business are very beneficial, and there are various companies enabling them globally
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