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Invoices: user-friendly for your customers, lucrative for you

Invoices: user-friendly for your customers, lucrative for you.

Interface simplicity raises the chance that users will interact with it. In our case, the more simple it is to make crypto payments, the higher the chance that the customer will actually pay. Invoice format for payment details allows users to pay in your online store in fewer steps, which simplifies their path and in the end, brings you more profit.

Invoice is a little box where all the necessary information about the invoice payment is collected: your payout address, the currency, and the sum. Every invoice has its unique link. Take a look:

Invoices: user-friendly for your customers, lucrative for you.

If your customer is shopping on a computer and uses a desktop wallet, they will only need to copy and paste the following information into their crypto wallet. If they use a mobile crypto wallet, scanning the QR code will bring them into their wallet, and the Bitcoin payment address will paste automatically.

Invoice gateway to accept crypto payments

Before we rolled out invoices online, the information about payments was scattered across different parts of the page. Thus, you couldn’t see a payout address and the sum at one place, which meant you had to hold the latter in your memory before you reached your crypto wallet. This was a bit of inconvenience for the customers, and so we fixed it. The invoice payment can be made without exceeding mental and physical action, both for you and the customer.

Here are some tips for using a Bitcoin invoice:

How to make an invoice?

To start accepting Bitcoin as payment with invoices, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Invoices section in your dashboard.

Go to the Invoices section in your dashboard

2. Click “Create invoice”.

Click “Create invoice”

3. Fill in the form.

Fill in the form

There you go! You enriched your crypto payment gateway with a new convenient cryptocurrency payment option. Now, use this invoice in your e-store or send it to your customers as a link.

We hope this guide has proved to you that dealing with crypto and Bitcoin payment processing is no trouble. Enjoy using Bitcoin invoicing and make the most from your experience with NOWPayments!

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