Where in Europe crypto payments are legal in 2022

Cryptocurrencies have exploded in terms of popularity throughout the last few years, and more people than ever are getting interested in both investing in as well as trading cryptocurrency tokens. There are a lot of things that newcomers might be worried about, specifically, the legality surrounding cryptocurrencies. In Europe, cryptocurrencies are legal in many countries. However, they are not legal in every single country out there.

Zcash (ZEC) explained

Zcash is one of the top cryptocurrencies on the market. Zcash is a cryptocurrency designed for private day-to-day transactions. Zcash is extremely efficient and relies on the most advanced technological solutions. Moreover, Zcash is a Proof-of-Work currency which is expected to become the go-to asset for many miners once Ethereum switches to Proof-of-Stake. If you … Read more

Fantom token explained

Fantom is used by numerous decentralized projects as a platform that provides them with the necessary infrastructure. FTM is the native token of Fantom, which has different functions on the network. Businesses and individuals can accept FTM as payment or donations using NOWPayments.