How can non-profits benefit from Cartesi coin?

Cartesi is building a true Web3.0 technology, a full-fledged Blockchain OS, facilitating the use of decentralized logic for Linux developers. Cartesi provides an over 10,000x increase in computational scalability for blockchain. The CTSI token is the native token of The Blockchain OS. It is the fuel that powers all elements of this sophisticated mechanism. CTSI’s qualities make it an efficient cryptocurrency which is quite popular among crypto investors. Non-profit organizations considering the prospects of getting crypto donations can use CTSI as a quick and private donation method.

How can non-profits benefit from Cartesi coin?

Key points:

  • Cartesi donations are great for health, food, and arts non-profits
  • CTSI donations are quick, global, and permissionless.
  • Feature CTSI token donations using NOWPayments.

What kind of non-profits will benefit from CTSI?


Health non-profits save lives and help people in need to cure diseases. The activities performed by such organizations require considerable funding, so they value every donation no matter how large it is. This is why it is essential that these non-profits ensure that every person on the planet has a way to donate to them. The mainstream donation methods have too much red tape which translates into excessive centralization, limitations, and delays. Health non-profits like Care International can use CTSI instead as a borderless peer-to-peer solution for conducting donations. Thanks to the option of CTSI donations, every person interested in supporting the cause will have a chance to make a donation, irrespective of where they live.


Proper education is essential for the socio-economic development and growth of countries and regions, and populations living in developing nations need it the most. Non-profits working in the sphere of education provide underprivileged people with important knowledge and skills promoting their literacy. Childhood Education International is one of the organizations offering children access to quality education worldwide. The non-profit’s programs focus on pre-primary to primary school-age children. Organizations such as Childhood Education International may discover a lot of value in CTSI donations. For instance, CTSI donations can help them to ensure instant access to funds and unlimited withdrawal of money.


Arts teach people to express themselves and their ideas, be valuable members of society, and contribute to the cultural diversity of their communities. Arts also can heal individuals and enable them to overcome traumatic experiences. This is why there is a critical need to support non-profits promoting arts. Create is one such organization and it is an award-winning charity that empowers lives, reduces isolation, and enhances well being through the creative arts. Cartesi cryptocurrency transactions are relatively low-cost, so arts non-profits such as Create can integrate CTSI coin donations as a way to bring down expenses.


Education and arts are impossible without satisfying the basic need for nourishment. Today, the problem of hunger still has not been solved which entails a lot of unnecessary suffering. Food non-profits are at the forefront of the war against hunger and they do everything they can to save more people. Action Against Hunger is a prime example of an organization working tirelessly to end life-threatening hunger for everyone and for good. It treats and prevents malnutrition across more than 50 countries. Non-profits offering food must receive donations quickly and CTSI tokens can assist them in it. On average, a CTSI crypto transaction takes mere seconds which can help charities to get their donations in a fast manner.

Civil rights

Civil rights non-profits often face substantial risks when working to advance causes beneficial for the entire society. For instance, the American Association of People with Disabilities is an organization promoting the political and economic power of people with disabilities. Thanks to the efforts of this non-profit many policies aiding people with disabilities became quickly adopted. The Equal Justice Initiative is a prominent civil rights non-profit committed to ending racial and economic injustice. Civil rights non-profits can feature CTSI cryptocurrency donations as a way to demonstrate complete transparency since information about all CTSI transactions is available online.

What makes Cartesi a great choice for any non-profit?

Speedy transactions

Speedy transactions CTSI

Non-profits receiving donations know that bank transfers are not a perfect solution for processing money transfers. One of the key downsides of bank transfers is the speed of transactions. Bank transfers are oftentimes subject to delays. This problem especially affects international money transfers.

So, when non-profits try to receive donations from abroad, they end up waiting for days for the transfer to complete. Crypto transactions are efficient and borderless, so there are no delays or slow transfers. CTSI transactions are madly fast compared to bank transfers and take mere minutes. As a result, by featuring Cartesi coin donations, non-profits can let their donors use a fast donation solution.


Transparency of CTSI

As mentioned above, CTSI is a transparent cryptocurrency. Specifically, all of the information about CTSI transactions and CTSI addresses is available to the public.

CTSI addresses are similar to bank accounts and therefore, if you decide to disclose it to others, they will be able to see all of your financial activity. This can be useful for non-profits that would like to adhere to the highest standards of accountability and make the info about their balance sheet available to everyone. Transparency can promote the reputation of non-profits and thus attract more potential donors.


Privacy of Cartesi

At the same time, despite the fact that Cartesi (CTSI) is transparent, it is also private. Essentially, Cartesi does not ask users to share their personal details such as name or date of birth. To start using Cartesi, you will only need to randomly generate your public and private addresses.

This makes CTSI transactions completely anonymous. The privacy offered by CTSI can benefit both non-profits and their donors. For instance, organizations working in risky conditions and wishing to avoid surveillance can use CTSI to receive funding anonymously. Additionally, non-profits can offer CTSI as a private donation method to donors that want to maintain confidentiality.

Easy global transfers

Easy global transfers made with Cartesi

CTSI transactions can be made and received by virtually any person on the planet, no matter where they live. As long as you have internet access, you are good to go. Non-profits may utilize CTSI as a universal donation method available to everyone.

CTSI transactions do not have limitations which many mainstream solutions have. For instance, banks may not allow their clients to send money to certain countries. Non-profits working in remote regions may actually have no banks around. So, CTSI donations can become practically the only viable option for receiving donations for them.


Publicity with Cartesi

Every non-profit needs to promote its cause through different means to get people to support it. Yet, making your charity known among people can be difficult. So, by offering CTSI donations, non-profits can potentially draw the attention of the Cartesi community as well as the entire crypto community to their cause.

A new use case of Cartesi is a guaranteed way to make a buzz. Twitter users and Redditors will talk about your non-profit deploying CTSI donations since it will be big news for the entire community. As a result, some of the CTSI investors may donate to your organization.

How non-profits can accept Cartesi donations

NOWPayments is a Cartesi payment gateway that facilitates CTSI donations. Non-profits can begin accepting CTSI coin donations using the following tools:


NOWPayments is a Cartesi payment gateway letting non-profits effortlessly deploy CTSI donations.

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