Cartesi donations for influencers

Influencers that wish to maximize their profits need to design new ways of entertaining their audience. Cryptocurrencies are the hottest trend that influencers can get on top of to generate new income streams. Featuring crypto donations is the easiest and most profitable way to capitalize on digital assets for influencers. Besides, cryptocurrencies such as Cartesi have features that make them in many ways superior to the standard donation and payment methods and can deliver many benefits. Check out the reasons why influencers can actually be interested in accepting Cartesi donations and payments.

Cartesi donations for influencers

Key Points:

  • CTSI is the native token of Cartesi.
  • Cartesi donations care are fast, cheap, private, and global.
  • Influencers can accept CTSI donations using NOWPayments’ services.

What is Cartesi?

Cartesi is the Blockchain OS. It was launched in 2018. The founders wanted to create a system addressing the existing problems related to computation, scalability, and infrastructure of blockchain applications. Essentially, Cartesi facilitates the process of dApp development by offering a layer-2 solution that integrates Linux and enables standard programming environments for blockchains. CTSI is the native token of Cartesi.

Why do influencers choose CTSI donations?

  • CTSI donations are cheap.
  • CTSI donations take mere seconds.
  • CTSI donations are anonymous.
  • CTSI donations are borderless.
  • CTSI donations are versatile.



CTSI tokens were originally deployed on the Ethereum network which is known for its high fees. At the same time, Cartesi is also integrated with Polygon which has low transaction fees. This allows people transferring CTSI to avoid wasting money when transferring crypto. Influencers can offer CTSI as a low-cost way of donating.


CTSI tokens also can be transferred from one crypto address to another swiftly without any hassle. Once again, if you use Polygon to transfer CTSI, the transaction is practically instant. If you are a streamer, the fast speed of donations is something your audience members will truly appreciate.


CTSI transactions are anonymous. Essentially, they do not contain any personal information of the two parties to the transaction. When donating to influencers, some people really want to keep their privacy. Yet, the traditional payment options do not give them such a privilege. So, influencers can deploy CTSI donations as a private donation option.



If you are an influencer, you want to reach out to as many as possible. Donations are one of the ways to do it. Donations let people engage with influencers and their content. CTSI transactions are borderless and global, so practically everyone on the planet can use them to send donations to favorite influencers as long as they have an Internet connection.


Finally, as mentioned earlier, CTSI tokens are integrated with several networks including Binance Smart Chain. So, your audience members can choose themselves which network they wish to utilize to send a donation. This makes it much more convenient for them to conduct transactions since they can pick the blockchain that fits their needs the best.

So… how to accept CTSI?

Influencers have several ways of accepting CTSI donations. Twitch streamers can utilize a special crypto donations button designed by NOWPayments. The button makes the whole process of sending a CTSI donation easy.

Influencers who have their own websites or blogs such as writers, musicians, artists, and photographers can deploy a CTSI payments widget. The widget itself lets you feature as many crypto payment methods as you would like.

Finally, influencers who are popular on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other similar platforms, can receive CTSI donations using a simple link.


Cartesi is a project with a real utility since it makes it much easier for developers to take advantage of blockchain technology. Additionally, Cartesi has a great native currency called CTSI. Influencers can accept CTSI donations from their audiences. NOWPayments provides influencers with tools to feature a CTSI donation method.