What is Dtravel (TRVL)?

Some people believe that the current crypto market is inflated and filled with many projects which are overpriced and do not really justify their value. Yet, everyone agrees that there is always a lack of projects with real utility that actually have considerable potential. Dtravel is one of them. Dtravel is a next-gen platform for home sharing. If you are a crypto enthusiast, you should definitely get to know Dtravel more because it might be the next big thing in the industry. Dtravel has already revolutionized the sphere of home sharing and is looking forward to making even greater things a reality.

What is Dtravel (TRVL)

Key Points:

  • Dtravel brings decentralization to the sphere of home sharing.
  • TRVL is the native token of the project powering its ecosystem.
  • NOWPayments provides tools for featuring TRVL payments.

Dtravel: Great way to travel and home sharing

The mission of Dtravel

The mission of Dtravel

The existing home sharing market has one issue. Quite often, hosts and clients cannot find common ground, which leads to inconveniences for both sides. Dtravel is a platform that seeks to solve this problem and wants people to be able to share properties which reflect their ideas about comfort, security, and satisfaction. Dtravel believes that platforms which facilitate bookings between property hosts and guests must deliver an opportunity for all parties to state their preferences and vote on those decisions which directly affect their experience with the platform.

Home sharing is an alternative to traditional hotels, which helps people to find properties with greater personalization, character, and local flavor, and Dtravel is committed to the creation of the best home sharing platform on the market.

How it works

Dtravel constitutes a community of hosts and guests (people who want to rent homes in different parts of the world). The notable feature of Dtravel is that every participant on the platform is given the right to engage with the platform at different levels for the ultimate purpose of benefiting the Dtravel ecosystem.

Dtravel ditches the traditional form of governance with a team of executives giving orders and brings all the power to every single community member and locality. Dtravel encourages collaboration among members to continuously enhance home sharing and travel experiences.

At its core, Dtravel is the place where hosts and guests can share their experience and local knowledge, deliver education and training to everyone who is interested in it and use their amazing skills to form a well-functioning community.



As mentioned above, Dtravel is a platform that makes home sharing easier and more comfortable for everyone. Yet, the key feature of Dtravel is that it is fully decentralized. Specifically, Dtravel is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The Dtravel community is owned and governed strictly by its members. Basically, instead of a group of managers, Dtravel is controlled by hosts, guests, as well as the holders of the TRVL token.

Dtravel is not a for-profit organization. Instead, it is an autonomous collective governed by the members. This is why Dtravel members have the ability to influence the future of the platform and its development. As a member of Dtravel, you will be given the capacity to establish the policies, vision, and direction of the Dtravel ecosystem.

Why is Dtravel decentralized?

Why is Dtravel decentralized?

The existing organizations, both in the sphere of home sharing and in general, are built on outdated practices of centralized corporate governance. The main purpose of such organizations is to generate the maximum profits for shareholders.

A high concentration of power in the hands of a small group of managers leads to the misalignment of values and purpose in sharing economies. As a result, those people generating actual value, such as sellers and homeowners get dictated the rules of how they should behave. Moreover, the centralized services impose exorbitant fees on sellers and homeowners and benefit at their expense.

Such a system causes a fracturing of the relationship between sharing platforms and their users. Dtravel believes that home sharing platforms that espouses an alternative governance model and are owned and governed by users will help to establish a new type of sharing economy and will transform the global market for the better. As part of its mission, Dtravel relies on a new organizational structure enabling its members to provide and capture value, whether economic or societal.

What are the benefits of Dtravel?


Dtravel’s platform wants to create a marketplace where hosts and guests come together and engage in real communication. Moreover, the communication between hosts and guests is completely free, while the inherent peer-to-peer experience of home sharing is encouraged.

Low fees

Dtravel has a comprehensive system of fees which is far more affordable for both hosts and guests than any other platform. With nominal total fees of 10% and effective total fees that can be as low as 5%, Dtravel’s fee structure is cheap and community-governed.

Fair distribution

Dtravel maintains a fair distribution of value across all of the members. The effective total fee revenue goes to the Community Treasury, thereby being distributed to the very community that generates the value.

Decentralized dispute resolution

Disputes are common in the field of home sharing. Dtravel’s approach to dispute resolution will be fully decentralized through its Support-to-Earn approach.

Clear rewards

Members of the Dtravel are eligible for considerable rewards for their activities. Community members with premium membership and star hosts and star guests receive tangible rewards in TRVL, and a member’s loyalty is rewarded with cashback.


Dtravel adopts Web3 technologies and the ethos and practices of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and DAOs. As a result, the entire system of Dtravel will be highly transparent.

TRVL Tokenomics

The basics of the TRVL Token

The basics of the TRVL Token

In order to make the Dtravel vision a reality, the platform will use the TRVL token. TRVL will serve as the utility token of the Dtravel ecosystem. TRVL grants stakeholder membership in the Dtravel DAO. It provides hosts and guests with an equal opportunity to participate in the governance and voting process on the platform that influences how Dtravel is managed and developed.

Equality between hosts and guests is an important aspect of Dtravel. Therefore, to ensure to provide hosts and guests with an equal opportunity to engage in governance and grow Dtravel together as a community, the platform has allocated 90,000,000 TRVL tokens to the members. The tokens, which constitute 9% of the total supply of TRVL tokens, will be distributed as rewards for helping the ecosystem grow.

TRVL tokens provide members not only with a chance to govern the platform but also with many other opportunities. For instance, guests can use TRVL to make payments and rent a home of hosts. Moreover, TRVL grants its holders the right to earn rewards for completing bookings. Finally, TRVL can be exchanged for premium memberships and partner services.

Details about TRVL

Details about TRVL

The TRVL token was launched in Q4 2021 on the Ethereum Network as an ERC-20 token. In the future, TRVL will also be launched on Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. The total supply of TRVL will be 1 billion (1,000,000,000) coins.

Here is detailed information about the distribution of the TRVL token:

  • Community Treasury: 25% TRVL
  • Community Growth Fund: 25% TRVL
  • Foundation Reserve: 20% TRVL
  • Core Contributors and Advisors: 10.5% TRVL
  • Seed Sale: 10% TRVL
  • Strategic Sale I: 7% TRVL
  • Strategic Sale II: 2.5% TRVL

Is Dtravel a good investment?

Dtravel is a truly revolutionary platform which is completely unmatched by the existing alternatives. Practically, the rest of the home sharing market is controlled by the companies which employ the principles of strict centralization and full control. As a result, many hosts and guests are not happy about being controlled by one single entity.

Thanks to Dtravel, they now have an option of using a service that promotes more equal opportunities for them. Thus, there is a probability that in the coming years, Dtravel will get a considerable boost in the number of members since people will start switching to Dtravel from the centralized platforms.

The growth of Dtravel’s popularity will stimulate the demand for TRVL. As a result, as more people will begin to purchase TRVL tokens to participate in the management of the Dtravel platform, the value of the asset is also expected to rise. Thus. TRVL can potentially be a good investment for those who truly believe in the mission of Dtravel and are willing to commit to a long-term strategy. Nevertheless, the aforementioned analysis must not be treated as financial advice.

How to buy TRVL token

The TRVL token is available to a vast number of people since it is featured on the most notable exchanges. For instance, TRVL is sold on Binance and can be purchased by anyone who has an account with the service. Additionally, Nexo users also can buy TRVL tokens.



Dtravel is a revolutionary platform that will forever change the sphere of home-sharing. TRVL is the native token of Dtravel, which investors can purchase and use to become full members of the Dtravel community.