7 Reasons to Choose NOWPayments as Your Payment Gateway

In today’s dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency payments, selecting the right payment gateway is paramount for businesses seeking seamless integration of digital assets into their operations. NOWPayments emerges as a leading solution, offering lots of features and advantages that set us apart in the market. Here are seven compelling reasons why NOWPayments stands out as the preferred choice for merchants:

1. Extensive Cryptocurrency Support

With over 300 supported cryptocurrencies, NOWPayments boasts one of the most comprehensive selections in the market. Moreover, the platform allows partners to request the addition of new assets, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to evolving market trends.

You can accept crypto payments from any wallet on any network we support, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, etc.

2. We Process Payments From Any Wallet

One of the key advantages of NOWPayments is our ability to process payments from any type of crypto wallet, whether it’s a self-custodial wallet or a custodial wallet. This inclusivity ensures that users can make payments using the wallets they prefer and trust, without restrictions.

Moreover, we also facilitate payments from wallets on other exchanges, providing seamless integration and interoperability across different platforms. This flexibility allows businesses to cater to a broader range of customers, regardless of their preferred wallet.

3. Freedom of Choice

Our partners have the autonomy to choose the crypto currency into which their customers’ payments will be converted. This characteristic offers versatility and customization opportunities, enabling you to synchronize payment handling with your particular business requirements and inclinations. Whether you favor receiving payments in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Stablecoins or any other compatible cryptocurrency, our platform enables collaborators to customize payment processing in line with your preferred currency. This guarantees a smooth and individualized encounter for both partners and their clients.

4. Low and Transparent Fees

NOWPayments prides itself on its competitive fee structure, charging only 0.5% for monovalent payments and 1% for multivalent payments (plus network fees). Unlike many competitors, we maintain transparency in our fee disclosures, empowering merchants with full visibility into transaction costs.

Furthermore, NOWPayments streamlines the payment process with its autoconversion feature, automatically changing payment currency into the partner’s preferred asset or custodial balance. This seamless conversion eliminates the need for additional configuration, enhancing efficiency and convenience for partners.

5. Fiat On- and Off-Ramps.

NOWPayments offers fiat on- and off-ramps, providing merchants with convenient access to traditional currencies. This feature, available with multiple providers, sets NOWPayments apart from other payment gateways and enhances its utility for businesses operating in both crypto and fiat environments.

6. Non-Custodial Flow.

NOWPayments does not hold your funds, immediately transferring them to your designated wallets. This non-custodial approach prioritizes security and ensures that partners have full control over their assets at all times.

In addition to non-custodial options, NOWPayments offers a custodial feature that allows partners to store funds on the platform’s balance if needed. Partners can activate this function from the dashboard and enjoy the flexibility of managing their funds and conducting mass payouts while saving on network fees.

7. Effortless Onboarding

NOWPayments prioritizes user experience with its quick and hassle-free onboarding process. To start accepting crypto payments you need to take several easy steps, described in our FAQ section.

Moreover, at NOWPayments, we take pride in offering top-notch customer support. We make sure to respond to all inquiries within 10 minutes, and our multilingual support team is available 24/7. Furthermore, each partner is assigned a dedicated account manager who provides support throughout the integration process and beyond.

We’re here to provide personalized assistance and ensure a smooth experience for our clients whenever they need it!


NOWPayments offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for businesses seeking to embrace cryptocurrency payments. By choosing NOWPayments, businesses can streamline their payment processes, expand their customer reach, and stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy. 

Read more about our crypto payment solutions at our website: https://nowpayments.io/all-solutions

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