Become our partner and get a reward

rewards picture

How does it work? This kind of partnership offers an opportunity to get a profit just for building on ties for (and with) NOWPayments.

The idea is simple: establish our connection with a merchant, wait until they become our partner, and get your reward.

Whenever you introduce NOWPayments to a merchant, you receive $25 in NOW tokens (once only) and 0,2% worth of each operation of the said merchant (as a life-time deal).

NOW reward is paid after the integration is completed and the first transaction is made.

If a merchant uses a button, a widget, or a plugin, for the reward to be made, we need to see them presented on the merchant's website. NOW reward is paid only to the first 20 partners. All the following partners receive only 0,2% from each merchant's operation.

To get more details, reach out to us at [email protected].

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