Become our partner and get a reward!

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Register an affiliate account and earn money on building ties between merchants and NOWPayments.

If you bring someone who becomes our partner — you will get a percentage of their profit.

You'll be getting this reward for 5 years. The more merchants you bring — the bigger reward you get. Check the details below:

Affiliate level Total merchant turnover Reward
1 0.1 — 5 BTC/month 0.1% per transaction
2 5 — 10 BTC/month 0.15% per transaction
3 10 — 25 BTC/month 0.2% per transaction
4 25 — 50 BTC/month 0.25% per transaction
5 50+ BTC/month Exclusive individual offer

Reach out to us at [email protected] for further details.

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