Top IOTX use cases: Services that accept IOTX crypto

Businesses considering incorporating cryptocurrencies into their infrastructure should no longer choose coins based on their popularity. Businesses, on the other hand, should use cryptocurrencies that will benefit them the most while also adding value to their customers. IoTeX is a network that benefits both the merchant and the client by utilizing its native currency, IOTX. IOTX has a steady growth that suggests that it has enormous potential. NOWPayments gives businesses the ability to accept IOTX as payment.

Top IOTX use cases

Key points:

  • IOTX is accepted by numerous services including Travala.
  • A Point-of-Sale terminal is a solution for accepting IOTX payments.
  • Deploy your web-based PoS terminal via NOWPayments to get paid in IOTX.

What is IoTeX crypto?

The IOTX cryptocurrency is the native token of IoTeX. The value IOTX is supported by its utility within the IoTeX ecosystem. It facilitates trusted and transparent interactions between various entities in the IoTeX Network such as delegates, stakeholders, developers, service providers, and consumers. The IOTX token has an advanced tokenomics model. Specifically, 1 billion IOTX which is 10% of the total supply will be Burn-Dropped as the project onboards the first 1 million devices powered by the platform. Out of the 1 billion IOTX to be Burn-Dropped, 90% will be burned and 10% will be distributed to voters who use auto-staking. IOTX is necessary for everyone who wants to interact with IoTeX’s Dapps, devices, and marketplaces. Moreover, it’s a great payment tool considering how fast, ultra-secure, and highly scalable the token is.

So, which services accept IoTeX?


Travala accepts IoTeX

Thanks to Travala, the IoTeX coin can get you plane tickets or a room in over 2 million hotels around the world. Travala is an app that lets you make travel bookings using dozens of cryptocurrencies. Travala’s selection of hotels is truly astounding and much larger than those of most of its competitors.

It offers a convenient way to spend crypto without the need to convert it to fiat first. So, Travala is the best place to use when planning your next trip.

IoTeX Punks

IoTeX Punks accept IoTeX

If you have been dreaming of getting an NFT, IoTeX Punks is a great project to start your NFT journey from. It is a limited collection of 10,000 images of punks which are IoTeX-themed. Each NFT is an XRC721 token. Every IoTeX Punk is algorithmically generated Art with individual Rarity Rankings. The best thing about the collection is that you can purchase any Punk with IOTX. This is great news for all NFT collectors.


Sumotex accepts IoTeX

Sumotex is a real estate firm that integrates the principles of MachineFi. The company’s exclusive NFTs act as legal agreements, providing additional profits to holders. Basically, by investing in Sumotex’s NFTs, anyone can get a stake in the portfolio of the company. Sumotex’s NFTs are deployed on IoTeX’s blockchain. Therefore, you can use your IOTX to buy an NFT from Sumotex and other assets offered by the project.

ioPay 2.0

ioPay accepts IoTeX

ioPay 2.0 is one of the most advanced wallets in terms of functionality and user-friendliness. It lets users seamlessly switch between IoTeX, Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon networks while staying in one app. It is the best wallet for IOTX and you can even purchase IOTX coins in this app with your credit card which is an uncommon feature in such wallets.

Payments, donations, and payouts in IOTX 

Payments, donations, and payouts in IOTX 

NOWPayments is an IoTeX cryptocurrency payment gateway that enables businesses and individuals to accept and make IOTX coin payments and donations. As a non-custodial service, NOWPayments does not keep its clients’ funds and instead sends processed payments to the client’s payout address immediately. NOWPayments’ processing fee is among the lowest in the market because it charges clients only 0.5% per transaction.

How can I accept IoTeX offline?

If you wish to use an IOTX coin payment gateway, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account.
  2. Enter the requested information, such as your email and password.
How can I accept IoTeX offline
  1. Type in your IoTeX cryptocurrency public address.
How can I accept IoTeX offline
  1. Go to “Settings” on the left sidebar, press “Payment settings,” and add a new API key if it has not been generated automatically.
How can I accept IoTeX offline
  1. Refresh the “Payment settings” page and scroll down to the “POS Terminal Link” segment. Create your PoS link by adding your custom line of text to the link.
How can I accept IoTeX offline
  1. In “Payment settings,” scroll up and specify your base currency.
How can I accept IoTeX offline
  1.  Go to “Coins Settings” and choose IOTX.
How can I accept IoTeX offline
  1. Enter your terminal link in the address bar and load the page. Specify the total order price, pick IOTX from the list of available payment options, and generate your Payment Link. Your clients can pay you by scanning the QR code.
How can I accept IoTeX offline


The IOTX currency can be accepted by any merchant worldwide using NOWPayments’ Point-of-Sale terminal. Deploy IOTX payments using NOWPayments.

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