Las Vegas and Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have seen a tremendous surge in their value in the past decade. Their success can be partially attributed to the adoption of virtual currencies by several major industries, and the gambling one is among them. Crypto casinos enjoy significant popularity in the community of players since they provide certain benefits such as anonymity and transparency.

Nevertheless, apart from online casinos, there are brick-and-mortar establishments related to gambling in the world that offer a chance to their clients to utilize cryptocurrencies. Las Vegas, which has been recognized as the international gambling capital, also has several venues which use crypto in their operations.

Las Vegas and Cryptocurrency
Las vegas and Crypto

Key Points

  • Las Vegas is a city which is extremely friendly to crypto owners since it has both casinos and hotels that accept Bitcoin
  • Today, more casinos are switching to cryptocurrencies acknowledging their superiority to fiat money
  • NOWPayments has a solution for crypto casinos or the ones that want to begin accepting cryptocurrencies and take advantage of their growth

Las Vegas

The D Hotel & Casino

las vegas bitcoin

The D was among the first adopters of Bitcoin in the Las Vegas area, and it still prides itself on this status. The D consists of a luxury hotel and a renowned casino which guarantee a full Vegas experience to every client. The casino has two floors. On the first one, players can try their luck with the modern, state-of-the-art slot machines and table games. While on the second floor, players can treat themselves to classic slot machines from the previous eras. Every crypto enthusiast who decides to go to Las Vegas owns it to themselves to visit the D and pay with Bitcoin there.

The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

The Golden Gate is another place in Las Vegas that proudly accepts Bitcoin and welcomes every person who has some of it in their wallets. The oldest casino in the town has multiple options to offer to its customers. They can play slot machines and table games such as blackjack, craps, poker, and roulette tables. The Golden Gate also holds special events and tournaments with generous bonuses open to anyone willing to participate. Those who like to contemplate beauty while playing will be pleased with the casino’s dancing dealers. The Golden Gate is definitely worth attending for Bitcoin owners.

Car Dealership

Vegas is, of course, not all about gambling. It is also about enjoying life and freedom and allowing oneself to do things you would not usually do in normal life. Buying a luxury car with Bitcoin is certainly a one-time experience for the majority of people. Vegas Auto Gallery provides such an opportunity to its clients.

This dealership has an extensive selection of sports vehicles of different brands: Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, and even new Lotus cars. It is a place where a person with two Bitcoins in their wallet has a chance to get themselves an exotic vehicle that will become a perfect means of transportation for their Vegas journey.

Bitcoin ATMs

places in las vegas that accept bitcoin

Las Vegas seeks to make itself convenient for every person who visits it, and crypto holders are not an exception here. The city has a plethora of spots with ATMs where people can buy or sell their cryptocurrency. Bitcoin ATMs started appearing in Vegas quite recently, but there are already more than ten providers in the area and nearly two hundred machines.

This number is quite large given the relatively small size of the whole city. Moreover, the ATMs are evenly dispersed around the town, so people do not have to travel to a certain district when the need for some crypto arises.

Online Casinos


Perhaps, the most well-known crypto casino which has proven itself as a transparent and fair operator. Bitstarz emerged in 2014, and, unlike many of its competitors, it possesses an official gaming license from Curacao, an island in the Caribbean Sea that legalized gambling in its jurisdiction.

Bitstarz is a website that is mostly targeted at the European audience since the company does not provide services to players from the US. Bitstarz clientele can utilize a host of different crypto, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, as well as fiat currencies. The operator also has bonuses for new players, such as free spins and doubling of the first Bitcoin deposit.


Stake is a casino which has a good reputation in the gambling community and delivers a huge number of games, including blackjack, baccarat, and slots. Additionally, it lets players bet on sports events which is great when one gets tired of playing standard casino titles. Stake is completely crypto-based, which means that people without virtual currencies will have to buy some in order to start playing.

who accepts bitcoin in las vegas is a highly-rated crypto casino which thousands of players use as their primary gambling venue. The operator has hundreds of games and generous bonuses. It even runs tournaments where players can win expensive prizes such as Tesla Model 3.

How Casinos Can Start Accepting Crypto?

How casinos accept crypto?

Despite the fact that the ranks of crypto investors are growing every day, many companies are still slow to react to this massive shift in the paradigm in the financial industry. People no longer believe that crypto is an inflated asset and begin to utilize it as a legitimate means of transferring value. Currently, there are countless gambling websites that still fail to feature crypto coins as possible currencies to play with. This significantly limits their audience and prevents them from securing a place in the future.

NOWPayments has a custom solution for casinos which would like to fully embrace the new technology and take advantage of the rising crypto market. Cryptocurrencies possess considerable benefits compared to fiat. They are borderless, which means that clients from all over the world can send their money to the casino using crypto.

They are also extremely fast, especially those coins which were specifically made to address the problem of scalability, such as XRP and NANO. Cryptocurrencies are anonymous, which is a huge advantage for casinos whose clients often wish not to disclose their identity.

Finally, by switching to crypto, gambling operators can decrease their expenses since cryptocurrency transaction fees are extremely low compared to the fees which banks charge their clients.

NOWPayments’ crypto payment gateway for casinos allows operators to choose which currencies their clients will be able to use and those in which the casino will receive its share. The process is simple. The player picks their favorite crypto, deposits it, starts playing, and after the completion of the game, the player and the casino get their money.


Crypto casinos have been around for several years now, but recently their number has grown substantially. This shows that operators are starting to see the potential of cryptocurrencies and want to make sure to get in early to capitalize on the growth of digital assets. Yet, there are also traditional brick-and-mortar gambling establishments that accept coins and tokens. The D Hotel & Casino and the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, which are located in Las Vegas, are examples of such enterprises.

Las Vegas itself is an extremely crypto-friendly city which becomes evident when one looks at the map of ATMs in its area. Nevertheless, there are still very few gambling venues which accept cryptocurrencies. NOWPayments provides a solution to casinos that wish to start using virtual currencies in their operations and establish themselves in the crypto community.