Mass payments for freelancers: why is it so good?

Cryptocurrency is no longer something mysterious and is fully used in everyday life. Many employees, and especially freelancers, want to accept crypto for payment. However, at first glance, employers may find this an impossible task. We hasten to inform you that this is easier than ever, thanks to our convenient “Mass Payments” tool. What is it and how to choose the best service for such a significant case? Find out in this article.

Key Points:

  • Mass payouts is the perfect tool to save your time and money.
  • NOWPayments supports over 100 crypto to pay with.
  • NOWPayments is the best payment service on the market.

What is mass payments?

Mass payments is a payment method that is used to pay a large number of people simultaneously in one batch. Mass payments allow you to pay freelance commissions, affiliate rewards, payrolls, and much more. With the help of mass payments, you significantly save time and money. Firstly, you don’t have to sit for hours and fill out forms. Secondly, you don’t send many transactions, so you save a lot on transaction fees. NOWPayments provides not only transparent and low fees but also the possibility of reducing them. The payment flow looks like this:

What is crypto mass payments?

Cryptocurrencies for freelancers

Cryptocurrencies for freelancers

Of course, in order to choose a cryptocurrency with which you will pay for the services of freelancers, it is best to conduct a survey among the freelancers themselves. However, we can still provide a list of assets that are ideally suited for this “position”:

  1. Bitcoin
    Well, it was impossible to exclude the king. Yes, Bitcoin transactions do not differ in the highest speed and the lowest fees, and today there are many competitors that surpass it in the listed parameters. But, Bitcoin remains the most reliable, mass-adopted, and popular coin, with the largest community.
  2. Tether
    Due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, not all freelancers are ready to accept crypto for payment. A completely different conversation, payment in a stablecoin, the rate of which is pegged to fiat. This payment method is advantageous for both parties, reduces volatility risks, reduces transaction costs, and provides a fast flow of payments. NOWPayments supports all three USDT blockchains — OMNI, ERC-20, TRC-20.
  3. Ripple
    The developers at the very beginning of their journey focused on one area — “cross-border payments” and succeeded in this field. Today, XRP is one of the most reliable international payment mediums, providing almost instant and cheap transactions.

So…How can I choose the best service for mass payments?

How to choose the best service for crypto mass payments?

Fruitful relations between workers and employers are built on trust and honesty. And what demotivates employees the most? That’s right, delays in paying for their work. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of the service with which you will send mass payments with special care because your credibility depends on it. 

NOWPayments is the leading payment service on the market and provides its services worldwide. Our service is characterized by simplicity and ease of use, so you can easily ensure an uninterrupted flow of payments to your employees. What advantages distinguish us from competitors?

  1. The lowest fees. In addition to the fact that our fees are already low, they can become even lower if you manage to reach the target volume by the end of the month.
  2. Conversion. This function allows you to deposit any coin that you possess, and make a payment in the one that you choose. Some altcoin that you don’t need has been gathering dust on your wallet for a long time? Then just get rid of it by converting it into another coin, and paying for the services of freelancers. Two birds with one stone.
  3. The largest selection of assets. We provide more than 100 cryptocurrencies to pay with. And we are also distinguished by our client-oriented approach. Didn’t find the desired coin in the list? Just contact us and we will fix it quickly.


Mass payments solution is an ideal tool for those who want to make their lives much easier, save time and money. With NOWPayments, you can easily send rebates, bonuses, and salaries to a large number of people, let it be your employees or freelancers.