How to send salaries in Cartesi crypto

The current rate of cryptocurrency adoption is genuinely remarkable. Every fortnight, big businesses announce their decision to accept digital currencies as payment. Furthermore, Bitcoin and Ethereum no longer monopolize the crypto sphere, and retailers prefer less common but better-designed ones. Cartesi, a layer-2 solution, is one of those crypto projects which are poised to disrupt the status quo of Bitcoin. It gives real utility to blockchain technology by fusing it together with mainstream software. It is quickly gaining traction with businesses. The CTSI token is Cartesi’s native currency that can be successfully used as a means of salary payouts companies worldwide thanks to NOWPayments.

How to send salaries in Cartesi crypto

Key points:

  • Cartesi is a Layer-2 platform for hosting scalable decentralized apps.
  • Cartesi salaries can help businesses attract new high-grade professionals.
  • NOWPayments enables companies to pay salaries in CTSI.

What is Cartesi project?

Cartesi, also known as the Blockchain OS, is a layer-2 platform designed to make the development and deployment of scalable decentralized applications easier. The Blockchain OS is a Linux operating system that includes blockchain infrastructure. This configuration allows developers to create DApps in familiar programming languages such as Python without having to write Solidity code. The network is powered by the cryptocurrency CTSI. The Blockchain OS crypto was created to address the scalability issues that plague blockchain applications. CTSI serves as the network’s fuel. When you use and stake CTSI, you help The Blockchain OS with decentralization and security.

Why should I send salaries in CTSI?

Cut transaction expenses

Cut transaction expenses with Cartesi

It should come as no surprise that businesses break their backs to reduce costs and maximize profits at all times. Nonetheless, despite being a major source of concern for business owners, costs such as bank fees have historically been practically impossible to contain. As a result, banks proceed to continuously increase transaction costs for their clients, taking a share of their profits from them.

The Cartesi cryptocurrency, on the other hand, provides an effective solution to this problem. Specifically, any company can substantially reduce fee expenses by paying salaries in CTSI to clients. The average cost of one CTSI transaction is much lower than that of a bank transfer, especially if we count international bank transfers.

Quick payouts

Quick payouts made in Cartesi crypto

Companies frequently waste a lot of time waiting for their money transfers to be processed. Subsequently, on many occasions, businesses may face difficulties as a result of banks’ delays in operations. Slow bank transfers also have an impact on the process of paying out salaries.

However, blockchain has the potential to solve the issue of slow transactions. Because the coin is deployed on the efficient Ethereum network, transactions are nearly instant and take only a few minutes. Thus, the CTSI coin can assist businesses in sending salaries to their employees more quickly.

Salaries paid privately

Salaries paid privately with CTSI crypto

The Cartesi coin salaries can give your employees the privacy they may seek for a variety of reasons. To put it simply, Cartesi crypto transactions are completely anonymous and do not entail any identity disclosure. There is no need for authentication or verification to begin using the Cartesi cryptocurrency.

Both senders and recipients can be confident in their privacy when sending CTSI coin transactions. If you have employees who are concerned about their confidentiality, you should strongly consider paying them in CTSI.

Attract talent

Attract talent with Cartesi cryptocurrency

CTSI cryptocurrency salaries are also an excellent marketing tool for your company. By incorporating cryptocurrency salaries into your business, you will be able to attract many incredible professionals who are interested in receiving cryptocurrency as remuneration. After all, who would refuse to work for a company that is so forward-thinking that it pays employees in cryptocurrency?

Global payouts

Finally, if you have employees who reside abroad, CTSI crypto salaries can be a handy tool for facilitating the salary payout process in such cases. Unlike bank transfers, CTSI cryptocurrency transactions have no borders. This means that CTSI transactions are processed instantly, regardless of where the two parties involved live. Paying an employee’s salary can be a difficult task because the payment may take several days to arrive. Because of their efficiency, CTSI transactions can be used to pay salaries swiftly.

Okay. So how to pay people in CTSI?

 In order to send salaries in the CTSI crypto, you will need to use the Mass Payouts feature. Here is a guide on how you can enable NOWPayments’ Mass Payouts to send CTSI coin salaries:

  • First, you need to create a NOWPayments account.
  • Then, go to the settings and generate an API key.
  • Next, fill in a Mass Payouts form to request the Mass Payouts feature and send it.  Please note that NOWPayments accepts all requests ONLY from your registration email for safety reasons.
  • After you set up Mass Payments, deposit your cryptocurrency into your account.
  • Go to the Custody section and click on the “Create Mass payout” button
  • Upload the .csv file with the wallet addresses and the amount you want them to receive.
  • Click “Proceed.”
  • NOWPayments will send all these payments to the recipients automatically.      


Use NOWPayments’ Mass Payouts feature to send salaries in CTSI.

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