How to accept Floki payments with API?

What can be more fun than accepting cryptocurrencies as payment? Accepting meme cryptocurrencies. If you want to add extra mojo to your store’s selection of payment methods, Floki is the coin that can be right up your alley. It is every Viking’s favorite token and it is sure to enable your business to reach new heights. Unlike many other meme tokens, Floki is not a one-trick pony that is only good enough for getting some laughs and giggles from your crypto buddies. It is a utility-oriented cryptocurrency with a great vision, a vast ecosystem, and a gigantic investor pool. NOWPayments lets everyone accept FLOKI coin payments via our custom API

What is Floki?

Key points:

  • The FLOKI token enjoys a slew of promising use cases such as FlokiFi Locker.
  • An API is software that helps to process FLOKI payments.
  • Use NOWPayments’ API to get paid in FLOKI.

What is Floki?

FLOKI is a versatile asset that is available on both the Ethereum and BNB Chain networks. FLOKI is supported by a variety of use cases within the FLOKI ecosystem which are used by thousands of FLOKI Vikings, the FLOKI community members. For instance, there is FlokiFi Locker, which is a platform for earning a profit from staking the FLOKI token, NFTs, and other types of tokens. It is a truly pioneering protocol, as it became the first one to implement the ERC-1155 multi-token standard. FLOKI University is another prime example of an excellent product belonging to the FLOKI ecosystem. It relies on a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning techniques that promote a more prolific learning experience. Although most of the materials released by the University will be available free of charge, the users will need to utilize FLOKI to access exclusive content on Floki University.

Another major product offered by FLOKI is its NFT metaverse game called Valhalla.

It will be fueled entirely by the FLOKI token. For instance, players will be able to purchase different kinds of in-game items with FLOKI. Valhalla utilizes turn-based mechanics while providing players with the freedom to make creative decisions to outsmart their opponents.

How does API tool work?

What is API?

What is API?

API is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. An API defines how applications and components interact with one another. APIs are not databases. Rather, it is a piece of code that controls access to the server, defines the kind of requests that may be performed, and establishes the process to make requests.

APIs are widely used by digital services because they simplify their operations. APIs eliminate the need to create unique URLs for each service or product.

In the crypto industry, APIs are used to access market data supplied by exchanges and blockchain protocols. They also allow users to send and receive payments with guaranteed security which is critical for avoiding hacks.

API Keys

API Keys are the main tool for interacting with APIs. API keys are one-of-a-kind codes that are supplied into an API to authenticate users. API Keys allow for the tracking and management of API usage. They also serve as unique passwords, permitting their owners to access whatever data they require.

API keys, as opposed to ordinary keys like passwords, make website and user account security better and less susceptible to attacks, as they cannot be duplicated. Furthermore, API keys are always created randomly. They are lengthy and the symbols they contain do not follow any predetermined rules of arrangement. As a result, they are difficult to crack. As previously said, API Keys have several uses and are quite advantageous for a wide range of projects, including those involving cryptocurrency.

How NOWPayments’ API processes crypto payments

The NOWPayments API is a set of scripts that allows any user to install a FLOKI payment gateway or add support for any other cryptocurrency as a payment method. Furthermore, NOWPayments’ API lets users send FLOKI token payments in bulk.

When a user opens an account on NOWPayments, they specify their payout wallet address and obtain an API key. Once the API key is created, users may include it in their code responsible for different types of operations, such as payments, donations, or payouts.

How can I start accepting Floki via NOWPayments API?

How can I start accepting Floki via NOWPayments API?

As a trustworthy crypto payment gateway provider, NOWPayments comes equipped with an API that enables businesses to accept FLOKI and other cryptocurrencies while maintaining complete security. NOWPayments offers a robust API that can be activated in a matter of seconds. Users can utilize the following tools offered by NOWPayments:

  • eCommerce plugins: These plugins are compatible with PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Shopware.
  • Payment Link and a PoS terminal: Businesses can use a payment link and a virtual Point-of-Sale terminal.
  • Recurring Payments: Some companies may deploy special recurring invoices.
  • Custodial Recurring payments: It allows companies to set up separate billing accounts for their customers and let them top up these accounts with the cryptocurrency of their choice.
  • API: NOWPayments’ versatile API enables businesses to create custom crypto payment solutions.
  • Payouts: You can send mass payouts as a salary, bonus, reward, or rebate automatically to as many addresses as you wish.

Follow these steps to begin using your API and accept FLOKI:

  1. Create an account on the official NOWPayments website.
  2. Enter your email and create a password.
Create an account NOWPayments
  1. Confirm your email and enter your FLOKI crypto address.
Add FLOKI wallet
  1. After entering your address, generate your API key by pressing the “Add new key” button;
Create API key
  1. Once you have your API key, you can pick a payment gateway of your choice.
  2. You also can explore the detailed API documentation here to learn more about NOWPayments’ API features.


The API is the essential component of NOWPayments’ FLOKI payment gateway solution. Accept FLOKI payments via our API.

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