How to Accept Basic Attention Token Through Our Site

A small guide on BAT payments via NowPayments.

How to Accept BAT (Basic Attention Token) for payments

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)? 

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency by Brave, whose purpose is to reward users for watching ads. The current global advertising model is based on the dominance of the companies, collecting user private data and selling this data indirectly to other companies in the form of various targeting tools. That’s the way how Google and Facebook make money – they analyze the interests of their users and show them relevant ads, getting paid for it. Brave proposes a new model – a model which suggests that only the users themselves own their data and can share it deliberately only to be rewarded for showing them ads. By default, in Brave browser all ads and trackers are blocked. When advertisers get access to advertisement tools, i.e. they allowed to target users, they spend BAT tokens which go to their users’ wallets. The popularity of the Brave browser increases every year, at the end of 2019 there were 8.7 million people using it. 

How can you accept BAT tokens on your website? 

NOWPayments is a set of simple tools that can be integrated to your website to receive the most popular cryptocurrencies, including BAT. All payments that you receive, are stored in your wallet. 

To be able to receive payments, you have to register on the main page of NOWPayments. Then you have to specify your outcome wallet, generate an API key then generate the IPN Secret key, and save it in Store Settings tab at the Dashboard.
The process of integration is relatively easy and doesn’t require hiring a team of developers. We have many tools – including the donations widget and buttons, payment notifications, etc. Also we support WooCommerce – one of the most popular WordPress plugins. To get more info, please visit the Merchant tools page.