Fiat-to-Bitcoin payments

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency is gradually penetrating into all areas of our life, many users still feel confused by this payment method. But what about those who believe that the future belongs to crypto? With the NOWPayments fiat-to-crypto processing solution, the problem is solved in a few clicks. 

Key Points:

  • The Fiat-to-Crypto gateway allows you to charge fiat and get paid in cryptocurrency.
  • Despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the fiat payment method remains common.
  • NOWPayments allows you to set up a fiat-to-crypto flow in an easy and secure manner.

What is Fiat-to-Bitcoin gateway

What is Fiat-to-Bitcoin gateway

The Fiat-to-Bitcoin gateway allows merchants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other individuals to receive Bitcoins as a payment option, while not depriving their customers of the traditional payment method. In simple words, your customers pay for your goods or services using fiat currency, and in return, you receive the same amount in cryptocurrency.

Why should businesses implement a Fiat-to-Crypto payment gateway?

Why should businesses implement a Fiat-to-Crypto payment gateway?

To date, crypto payments are increasingly gaining popularity and have much more advantages than fiat ones. However, cryptocurrency is still a fairly new phenomenon, and what we don’t understand scares us. Many conservative consumers are not ready to switch to the crypto payment method. They simply do not trust cryptocurrency and believe that crypto is a kind of Monopoly money.

This is understandable, as there are so many rumors around the cryptocurrency, such hype is being created, and articles on the topic “What is cryptocurrency?” are replete with tons of technical terms that are difficult to understand for the average person.

If you categorically treat the payment method that your customers are used to and force them to pay with cryptocurrency, you have every chance of being left without a massive part of your customers. Just like depriving your customers of the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency, depriving them of a fiat payment method is a losing idea.

But what if you, as an entrepreneur, want to accept Bitcoin as payment? In this case, you will need a fiat-to-Bitcoin gateway. With the help of such a service, your customers can pay in the way they trust, and you will make a profit in the currency that is preferable for you.

Treat the choice of such a service with special attention:

  • Study reviews on third-party resources, for example, Trustpilot.
  • Study the fees for conducting fiat transactions. Keep in mind that fiat transactions are subject to a higher fee than cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Study which fiat provider the service cooperates with. The most popular and reliable providers today are Mercuryo, Guardarian, MoonPay, Simplex, and Banxa. They all differ in the amount of fees charged, as well as the number of supported currencies. Moreover, some of them work as a fiat-to-crypto provider, whereas others as crypto-to-fiat.
  • Study the list of supported fiat and cryptocurrencies. The more cryptocurrencies the service can offer, the better. NOWPayments boasts a huge variety of coins — more than 100.
  • Check the work of technical support. The work of technical support is crucial, because if you have any questions, it is the support that will have to help you promptly.

How to use NOWPayments as a Fiat-to-Crypto gateway

How to use NOWPayments as a Fiat-to-Crypto gateway

NOWPayments is a leading payment gateway and provides a number of undeniable advantages for our customers:

  • Low fees. As already mentioned, fiat transactions are more expensive than crypto ones. We do our best to keep the fees for fiat transactions as low as possible.
  • A wide range of currencies. We provide your clients with a number of popular fiat currencies, so that everyone finds the one that suits him/her. And you can accept any of more than 100 cryptocurrencies for payment.
  • High level of technical support. All our payment tools are easy to install, however, if you have any additional questions, you can contact us 24/7/365.

NOWPayments provides the function of fiat-to-crypto processing via invoices.

  • The invoice is a small box in which all the information for making a payment is succinctly arranged.

In order to add the fiat-to-crypto feature, you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your NOWPayments account.
  2. Go to the “Store Settings” section.
  3. Enter the address of your wallet to which you want to receive funds.
  4. Generate your unique API key.
  5. Navigate to the “Invoices” section.
  6. Click the “Create Invoice” button and fill in the form.
  7. Place the invoice on your website or simply send the link directly to your client.
  8. During the payment, your client will be redirected to the page of our fiat provider, Mercuryo, where he/she will need to go through the verification process and confirm the payment.
  9. After the payment is completed by your client, we will automatically convert the fiat amount into the cryptocurrency of your choice and send it to your wallet.

If you are the owner of a store on one of the e-commerce platforms. You can simply install the NOWPayments plugin and the fiat payment method will be available to your customers automatically.


It is difficult to dispute the advantages of the crypto payment method. However, the cryptocurrency still has to go through a thorny path to global adoption. To deprive customers of the payment method they are used to means to deprive yourself of customers. With NOWPayments, you can kill two birds with one stone: charge fiat, and get Bitcoin.