Whole foods accepts Bitcoin

Whole Foods is a company which has conquered the hearts of Americans with its meticulous approach to offering only fresh and healthy food options. Today, Bitcoin investors also can enjoy Whole Foods’ products without the need to pay with dollars. Whole Foods accepts Bitcoin payments with the help of the SPEDN app.

Key Points:

  • Whole Foods is an international chain of organic-food supermarkets.
  • The SPEDN app, a part of the Flexa ecosystem, lets people pay with Bitcoins at Whole Foods.

What is Whole Foods?

What is Whole Foods?

Whole Foods is a popular chain of grocery stores in the United States which is currently owned by Amazon. Whole Foods was established in 1980 in Texas. Since then, the company has grown into a global brand with five hundred stores in North America and branches in Canada and the UK. The key idea behind Whole Foods is the focus on selling organic food which does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavorings, or unhealthy fats. Amazon acquired the company in 2017. The price of the deal was more than $13 billion putting Whole Foods on the list of one of the most expensive enterprises worldwide.

Why Whole Foods accepts Bitcoin

Why Whole Foods accepts Bitcoin

Answering your question, “Does Whole Foods accept Bitcoin,” the company does it indirectly. For now, people wanting to shop at Whole Foods must use the SPEDN app.

SPEDN is part of the ecosystem of Flexa, a digital payments network that leverages both cryptocurrencies and fiat. SPEDN enables users to top up their account with cryptocurrency of their choice and then spend it at a number of retail partners. Whole Foods is one of the companies that work in partnership with Flexa.

In order to make a purchase at Whole Foods, SPEDN, you need to have sufficient crypto funds on their SPEDN account. Then, when you are ready to pay, you have to tap on the store, and the app will generate a flexcode which you will have to show to the cashier so they can scan it. After scanning, your Bitcoin is automatically converted to dollars.The reason behind Whole Foods’ decision to accept Bitcoin through SPEDN is simple. The company wants to check whether there is any demand among its clientele for crypto payments. If Whole Foods sees that crypto payments are popular, it is likely that the company will begin to accept crypto directly.

How to accept Bitcoin directly

While Whole Foods prefers an indirect way of accepting cryptocurrency, you and your company can do it directly. NOWPayments delivers several solutions for launching a cryptocurrency payment infrastructure.

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Whole Foods is one of the largest chains of supermarkets in the United States. The company’s ethos is based on providing clients only with organic food. Crypto investors can pay for Whole Foods’ products with Bitcoin using the SPEDN app.