RBIF overview: Robo Inu explained

It is clear that digital transformation has altered many aspects of the financial services sector, and blockchain technology is an ideal solution to respond to these changes. Robo Inu is building infrastructure fit for the world during and after the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Robo Inu Finance is one of several projects spearheaded by Robo Global Investment Pte Ltd. It aspires to build an open ecosystem where all users can be capable of gaining financial freedom. Robo Inu Finance seeks to enhance the lives of individuals and business operations by empowering them with blockchain. NOWPayments supports the vision of Robo Inu Finance and promotes its wider adoption by offering tools for featuring RBIF payments.

RBIF overview: Robo Inu explained

Key points:

  • Robo Inu is offering a next-gen finance solution.
  • RBIF exists on Ethereum.
  • NOWPayments helps companies and individuals to accept RBIF payments.

What is Robo Inu Finance?

The revolution in the financial industry

As mentioned above, the transformation in the sphere of financial services. Financial products and services are being modernized and enhanced through the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc. Blockchain is one of the key elements revolutionizing the financial system.

Cryptocurrency is the primary financial product deployed on the blockchain. It contributes to the development of the digital economy and addresses risks related to cash and traditional currencies. Decentralization is the key driving force behind the development of cryptocurrencies.

Robo Inu Finance’s solution

Robo Inu Finance’s solution

Robo Inu Finance is intended for the advancement of the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the context of the next-get financial system. Robo Global Investment designs Robo Inu Finance as an ecosystem of valuable products and practical applications.

RGI is intended as a solution for existing problems in the finance industry using blockchain technology. Yet, RGI is not a simple crypto project, it wishes to offer valuable fintech products with the common goal of helping people and businesses to obtain financial freedom. Robo Inu Finance optimizes its products to be in line with daily-life applications to create a meaningful purpose for every person, organization, and community. Robo Inu Finance was inspired by NASA’s plan to launch Robo-dogs to Mars. It is building an efficient circular ecosystem that brings together the best fintech resources.

RBIF basics

Robo Inu Finance is creating a platform to maintain fairness and reliability in digital asset transactions among individuals through an integrated smart contract. The platform will also facilitate the transfer of cross-border funds providing users with an opportunity to leverage blockchain innovation to convert cryptocurrency into cash and transfer money. RBIF will act as the fuel of the entire ecosystem of Robo Inu Finance.

RBIF is the native token of Robo Inu Finance. Since it exists on the Ethereum blockchain, it is an ERC-20 token. The total supply of RBIF is 100,000,000,000,000,000 tokens. Every sell and buy transaction of $RBIF is subject to a tax percentage used to power the growth of the ecosystem of the project.

Does RBIF have value?

Does RBIF have value?

Despite the fact that Robo Inu Finance’s ecosystem is still in its infancy, it already has value. RBIF has several thousand holders who keep their RBIF tokens in their wallets and are not considering getting rid of them. This means that RBIF has substantial potential in the future. Given that Robo Inu Finance has not yet released the majority of its products, the value of RBIF shows that it has room for growth. Moreover, as promised by Robo Inu Finance, the project is going to launch Robo Venture when the number of holders reaches 50,000. Robo Venture will strive to invest in SpaceX and Tesla, letting holders earn a portion of profits by holding the RBIF token.

RBIF use cases



RoboWallet is the main app for storing $RBIF tokens and other cryptocurrencies. The wallet also has the capacity to bridge various cross-chain networks with low transaction fees. The wallet helps users to monitor cryptocurrency/fiat expenses. It aims to offer innovative solutions based on cryptocurrencies, including digital asset payment, digital asset mortgage, cross-border fund transfer, or product staking.


Robo Launchpad is an incubator for prospective projects with real use cases. The Robo Inu Finance Team will be tasked with checking projects. There is a guarantee that no scam projects will be released on the Robo Launchpad.

RoboNFT Marketplace

A high-valued digital asset exchange where NFT products are auctioned daily. It is also integrated with RoboWallet, where you can become an owner of any digital asset with just a click of a mouse.

Payments, donations, and payouts in RBIF

Additionally, the Robo Inu crypto can be adopted by businesses and individuals as a means of payment and donations. NOWPayments is a non-custodial crypto payment gateway that helps you to accept the Robo Inu token. NOWPayments lets its clients deploy tools for accepting RBIF for free and charges only a small fee of 0.5% per transaction in RBIF. Since NOWPayments is a non-custodial service, it guarantees instant payouts to its clients.

How can I accept RBIF Token?

How can I accept RBIF Token?

If you wish to begin using RBIF as a means of payment or donation, NOWPayments is ready to assist you. Here is the complete list of tools you can utilize to get paid in RBIF:

For instance, here is a guide on how to create an RBIF invoice:

Register a NOWPayments account
  • Enter your public RBIF address.
Enter your public RBIF address
  • Press “Create an invoice.”
Press “Create an invoice.”
  • Enter the details of your invoice.
Enter the details of your invoice
  • You will receive an invoice that your clients will be able to settle by simply scanning its QR code.
You will receive a RBIF invoice


What is Robo Inu

Robo Inu is the native cryptocurrency of Robo Inu Finance. RBIF is the ticker symbol of the coin. RBIF fuels the ecosystem of Robo Inu Finance and provides users with access to the products of Robo Inu Finance.

Is Robo Inu a good investment?

Robo Inu is a good investment for people who are ready to support a project which is just starting out and has not yet released most of its products. Nevertheless, it remains a venture investment opportunity, so we recommend you to do your own research.

How to buy Robo Inu finance?

You can use changeNOW to purchase RBIF:

  • Pick the currency you want to use to buy RBIF.
  • Choose Robo Inu from the drop-down menu and press “Buy.”
  • Specify the sum of RBIF you wish to buy.
  • Enter your Robo Inu crypto public address to which you would like to receive your coins and press “Next.”
  • Choose your preferred payment method and conduct the transaction.
  • Once the transaction is finalized, your Robo Inu coins will be sent to you.


Robo Inu Finance is a project with considerable potential. Use NOWPayments to accept Robo Inu’s native crypto RBIF as payment and donation.