How to accept Robo Inu crypto and get fiat?

Have you ever dreamt of getting yourself a cyborg dog? Well, nowadays you have an exclusive opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency whose mascot is practically a futuristic robotic dog from Mars. We are, of course, talking about Robo Inu, a project inspired by NASA and promoted by its expansive community. Robo Inu Finance leverages cutting-edge tech to give everyone access to effective fintech tools for achieving financial freedom. Robo Inu’s native cryptocurrency RBIF is the backbone of the project’s ecosystem. RBIF is used across all products of Robo Inu, and, thus, possesses impressive utility. Merchants have several options on how to benefit from RBIF, one of them is payments. NOWPayments lets merchants accept RBIF as a means of payment and automatically convert it to fiat.

How to accept Robo Inu crypto and get fiat?

Key points:

What is Robo Inu Finance?

Robo Inu Finance is creating a vast ecosystem of tools that make financial services more accessible to people worldwide, regardless of their age or background. It leverages AI to improve people’s lives. The RBIF token is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, so it is an ERC-20 token. The RBIF coin is used across all of the key products of Robo Inu Finance which include the project’s wallet, NFT marketplace, launchpad, and even a special venture helping RBIF crypto holders to earn off investments made by Robo Inu Finance. RBIF is an exciting coin which is held by thousands of investors.

Advantages of Robo Inu payments

Quick payment processing

Quick payment processing with Robo Inu crypto

RBIF crypto payments provide businesses with a way out of excessive paperwork and stringent KYC regulations. The traditional methods of payment are overregulated and subject to numerous rules. As a result, the use of conventional payment methods presents a variety of challenges and obstacles that ultimately slow down the entire payment process for businesses and their clients.

Cryptocurrencies, including RBIF, are an effective solution for solving these issues since their transactions are quick and free from any kind of red tape. To make a payment in RBIF all you need is a Robo Inu crypto address and an internet connection. It only takes a few seconds to generate these addresses. The average payment in RBIF takes only a couple of minutes, which is impressive compared to the majority of the standard payment methods.

Complete security and ownership

Complete security and ownership with Robo Inu crypto

Security is the number one priority when it comes to RBIF payments. In fact, since this crypto is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, one can be certain that RBIF is not going to fail in the face of a hacker attack. Additionally, keeping your RBIF in a non-custodial wallet is a great practice that will ensure that you are the only person who has access to your funds.

Businesses, by their nature, handle large sums of money on a regular basis. Subsequently, storing money in a safe way is crucial for them. The traditional money storage methods such as banks are custodial, so by transferring your money to a bank account, you essentially give up control over your funds. Thanks to a non-custodial wallet, you can keep your RBIF out of the hands of third parties and eliminate the possibility of a middleman tampering with your transactions.

Private payments

Consumers tend to value their privacy, especially in the context of payments. RBIF, like other cryptocurrencies, offers a unique blend of openness and privacy. Despite the fact that all transaction information is available to the public, it is not linked to the identities or other private information of the parties to the transaction. So, one should not disclose the identity or any other personal information to use RBIF. So, RBIF crypto transactions are anonymous by default. Thus, RBIF is a great choice for providing anonymous payments to your clients.

Limitless transactions

Limitless transactions with Robo Inu crypto

RBIF has no limitations, so you can send an infinite number of coins, an infinite number of times, and to an infinite number of recipients. Likewise, you can withdraw any amount of Robo Inu at any time by exchanging it for another currency.

RBIF operates 365 days a year, without a single day off. So, RBIF will definitely be your go-to payment method when all other ones fail. This is why RBIF outperforms all popular payment processing options. RBIF is also excellent for accepting large payments.

Get noticed by the Robo Inu community

Get noticed by the Robo Inu community

Companies can easily attract a lot of attention from the users of RBIF by simply implementing RBIF payments. Start accepting RBIF as payment and you will undoubtedly catch the attention of the Robo Inu community. As mentioned, there are thousands of RBIF holders.

So, every person with RBIF in their wallet will be delighted to pay for goods from a company that accepts Robo Inu coin payments. Furthermore, because Robo Inu is a relatively new cryptocurrency, few businesses have begun to accept it as payment. As a result, you have the opportunity to benefit from early adoption.

How to let customers pay with RBIF crypto and get fiat

NOWPayments enables businesses to accept Robo Inu token payments. Additionally, merchants can automatically convert the RBIF coins they receive into fiat. NOWPayments has partnered with Switchere to facilitate the conversion process for clients. Although the RBIF token is not supported by Switchere, merchants can still use the auto-conversion feature. By employing the built-in balances feature of NOWPayments, the Robo Inu crypto can be converted to an asset supported by Switchere (e.g., XRP). Once the exchange is conducted, you will be able to withdraw your money in fiat


Accept RBIF payments and instantly convert them to fiat using NOWPayments.

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