Verge on e-commerce plugins

To be successful, eCommerce shops have to follow the latest trends, and featuring crypto payments is one of them. In addition to Bitcoin, online stores are also expected to offer alternative crypto payment options. Verge constitutes an excellent choice for online businesses that wish to provide their clients with a private way of paying with crypto.

Key Points:

  • Verge is a privacy-oriented blockchain.
  • XVG transactions are fast, untraceable, and inexpensive.
  • NOWPayments provides crypto plugins for platforms such as Shopify and WordPress, allowing merchants to accept XVG as payment.

What is Verge (XVG)?

Verge is a blockchain that was launched in 2014 and, over the years, has grown into one of the most well-established networks in the crypto world. XVG is the ticker symbol of the blockchain’s native cryptocurrency. Today, XVG has a market capitalization of more than $300 million.

Benefits of accepting Verge on e-commerce plugins

Verge has several crucial advantages which make it such a popular asset:

  • XVG transactions are virtually untraceable thanks to Tor IP Obfuscation.
  • XVG transactions take between 5-10 seconds which makes Verge transfers practically immediate.
  • Verge’s transaction fees are among the lowest ones in the crypto realm.

Best plugins to accept XVG


Crypto WooCommerce plugin

WooCommerce is the main eCommerce plugin for WordPress, the most prominent platform for managing web content. There are literally hundreds of thousands of online stores that use WooCommerce. Now, they have a chance to deploy a Verge payment gateway and enable their clients to pay in XVG using a crypto WooCommerce plugin designed by NOWPayments.


Shopify Crypto Plugin

Shopify is another heavy-weight champion in the division of eCommerce platforms. Shopify has nearly half a million actively running stores. Shopify provides merchants with a variety of tools to customize their digital window displays. This also concerns payment options, and Shopify businesses can let their customers pay at the checkout with XVG through a Verge Shopify plugin.


PrestaShop crypto plugin

PrestaShop is the ultimate choice for merchants that want to set up their online store in minutes and start selling right away. The platform’s easy-to-navigate design makes the whole process of creating a store intuitive. NOWPayments has developed a special PrestaShop plugin that allows stores to accept XVG and dozens of other cryptocurrencies as payment.


WHMCS crypto plugin

WHMCS is a well-known web-hosting automation software extensively utilized by eCommerce enterprises around the world. WHMCS delivers an all-in-one package that entirely satisfies the needs of online stores, from registering a web domain to automating payments. WHMCS XVG crypto plugin is a reliable way to add Verge to your list of payment options if you use WHMCS.


OpenCart crypto plugin

OpenCart is in many ways similar to WHMCS and also lets merchants manage their online stores easily. The biggest advantage of OpenCart is that it is distributed free of charge. OpenCart’s list of available payment methods is quite diverse, and thanks to NOWPayments’ Verge crypto plugin, it also includes XVG.


Verge is a one-of-a-kind blockchain with a native currency that is perfect for eCommerce. NOWPayments has created several crypto plugins enabling merchants to use different software to accept Verge payments.