Why influencers should turn their attention to crypto

All seasoned bloggers and streamers know that increasing their sources of revenue is the path to success. Today, they have plenty of ways to make money, including through ad revenues, merch sales, and, of course, donations. Yet, despite living in the era of the digital economy, many influencers continue to ignore cryptocurrencies. Read this article to learn how you can benefit from crypto payments if you own a blog, a YouTube channel, or a popular social media account.

Key Points:

Why influencers should turn their attention to crypto payments
  • Crypto influencers can provide use cases to the audience by accepting digital assets.
  • Popular bloggers can boost their earnings through crypto payments.
  • NOWPayments can assist influencers in deploying their crypto payment gateways.

Expanding audience

Expanding audience

The crypto community is growing every year, which makes it an attractive source of followers for influencers. Crypto influencers are real rock stars of the crypto world. They have a massive following of people who enjoy their videos, posts, and Tweets. Yet, quite often, they fail to practice what they preach. By featuring crypto donations or payments in a currency they root for, they can provide their audience with an actual use case. Such efforts can certainly contribute to the influencer’s credibility and thus draw more people to their channel or Twitter account.

Boosting profits

Yet, crypto influencers are not the only group of online celebrities that can benefit from crypto. People who have popular channels on YouTube or accounts on other social media platforms can significantly improve their revenue sheets by switching to crypto. Cryptocurrency transactions have extremely low fees. For instance, one XRP transaction will cost you less than one cent on average. Influencers can accept crypto payments for their products or services and thus completely eliminate all bank charges and fees, which chew away a massive share of influencers’ earnings.

Increasing transparency

Increasing transparency

Influencers often raise money for noble causes, be it charity work in poor countries or a COVID relief fund. In such matters, transparency is the absolute must. Unfortunately, many people avoid donating their money to influencer campaigns since they are not certain where their money goes. Influencers can guarantee complete transparency to their audience by deploying crypto donations. Since the majority of blockchains make all information about transactions public, influencers’ fans will be ready to see for themselves how much has been raised and that their money is safe.

Offering anonymous payments

Despite being public, blockchains are also anonymous. Influencers who accept payments or donations can offer cryptocurrencies to their audience members as a private means of transferring money. Not everyone wishes to share their bank info with popular folks online, so crypto is a great way for people to support their favorite influencer anonymously.

Final words

Judging by the recent developments in the sphere of cryptocurrencies, there is no doubt that the demand for digital assets will only continue to rise in the future. Influencers can ride the current crypto wave, gain a larger audience, and earn more money. NOWPayments empowers influencers to embrace crypto payments and donations by helping them to deploy a crypto payment gateway.