Top 5 Tips for Ecwid stores

High sales are the dream of every Ecwid store owner, but efforts need to be made to stimulate them. Favorable offers, free shipping, and low prices are not the keys to success. Modern customers pay attention to the type of advertising channels used, the quality of the online store’s website, the availability of various payment options, and much more. In this article, we will look at five ways that will help you increase the profit, stimulate repeat and additional sales, and retain customers.

Key points:

  • Ecwid is a CMS platform that serves more than 200,000 customers from all over the world. This service is perfect for both small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Thanks to the multitude of integration tools and payment methods, merchants who host their store on Ecwid can boost their sales and attract more customers.
  • NOWPayments provides an easily integrated crypto payment plugin that allows you to accept 100+ coins as payment.

What is Ecwid?

What is Ecwid?

Ecwid is an online store builder that allows you to sell simultaneously on different platforms: on the website, on Facebook, Instagram, and on marketplaces. A single control panel is used for all storefronts.

What is unique about this service? At least by the fact that it allows you to create product showcases for any website and social networks. Ecwid connects as a widget to any website and adds a product catalog. Just copy and paste a small piece of code, or connect plugins.

If you do not have your own web resource or pages on social media, Ecwid suggests creating a full-fledged website with an online store. 

Equid has first-class technical support and a user-friendly interface. It also constantly enters into partnerships with leading companies to provide the best service.

Ways a merchant can grow popular their Ecwid store

Study your target audience

Study your target audience

Understanding your target audience in a new region is the key to successfully building an attractive brand and creating engaging advertising campaigns.

You need to understand whether your product is suitable for potential buyers, as well as help your customers make a choice.

For example, if you sell two-piece swimsuits, then the Arab region is not the best market for you. To analyze the target audience, you can use the Facebook Audience Insights tool. In addition, Ecwid provides merchants with several interesting features. For example, with the help of Product Subtitle, you can add a brief description of your product (for example, write that your cake is gluten-free), and with the help of Product Ribbons, you can add attention-grabbing color labels for bestsellers, new products, or free shipping.

Promote your brand on social media

Promote your brand on social media

For many online store owners, social networks are the main channel for attracting customers. The main reason is the large coverage. This marketing method requires careful study, but it is definitely worth it. Of course, start by studying the target audience.

Divide the users into segments. Different segments — different ads. Don’t show the same ad to different categories of consumers. Moreover, the same ad on social networks cannot work for a long time. After 2-3 weeks it needs to be changed. In addition, thanks to the partnership of Ecwid with the Zapier service, you can automate your workflow. Zapier allows merchants to connect to more than 2,000 applications to automate the process and allow them to focus on important things. For example, with this service, you can automatically post tweets as soon as a new product appears in your store.

Do not neglect email marketing

If you don’t use email marketing, you lose 50% of the profit. The secrets of effective email marketing are simple:

Do not neglect email marketing
  • encourage subscription, offer bonuses;
  • divide subscribers into segments;
  • personalize your newsletter.

Email marketing is a lifesaver for merchants from all over the world and you should not neglect them. Firstly, it is convenient, secondly, it allows you to get more coverage, and thirdly, it is cheap and less time-consuming. In addition, thanks to the cooperation of Ecwid with Mailchimp, you can take advantage of many exciting features. For example, you can attract more customers using email capture pop-ups, send automatic discount coupons, send extremely customized email messages, and even segment your audience to send personalized messages.

Throw a contest

Throw a contest

In order to increase sales and make the product more recognizable, in addition to advertising, you can hold promotions and contests. Everyone is pleased to receive a prize or a gift just like that: for a repost or a simple task.

In addition, contests help to increase the number of subscribers in the online store group on social networks.

This is crucial: it is for subscribers that you publish posts in the group, they are your active target audience. Moreover, contests increase the loyalty of the audience. The contest is not only a promotion tool but also a way to communicate with participants. Be ready to respond kindly in the comments, explain the conditions, and congratulate the winners.

Add popular payment options

Add popular payment options

Many e-commerce stores lose the lion’s share of profits due to the fact that customers do not find their favorite payment options. For a shopper, it is extremely important that the store provides a variety of payment options. You will never lose by adding more tools.

This will help you position your brand as customer-oriented and convenient, which will lead to a significant reduction in abandoned carts and an increase in the popularity of your store. In addition to the already familiar bank transfers, card methods, Apple and Google Pay, these days many customers expect that their favorite store will give them the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency. Crypto is a flexible payment method that allows for almost instantaneous, cost-effective, borderless payments. The rumor that your brand accepts crypto payments will spread in the blink of an eye and thousands (and maybe millions) of crypto users will become your regular customers.

How to accept crypto payments on Ecwid?

NOWPayments enables Ecwid merchants to set up the acceptance of crypto payments in a matter of minutes. All you need to get started is:

  1. Create your NOWPayments account.
  2. Go to the “Settings” >> “Payment settings” section.
  3. Add your payout address and generate an API key.
  4. Log in to your Ecwid private account.
  5. Follow the link and install the Ecwid plugin.
  6. Set your API key.
  7. Get profit!


Now there is a lot of competition among online stores. The chances of success are increased not only by the sale of high-quality goods, but also by an attractive interface, competent marketing, a wide range of payment options, and personalization. We hope our tips will help you to optimize your store competently and make it as attractive as possible for customers. In turn, NOWPayments will help you attract customers from all over the world by providing them with a fast and cheap crypto payment method.