Swipe on e-commerce plugins

SXP is a fairly popular token thanks to its core project, Swipe, a platform that powers a next-gen card payment infrastructure. As a result, SXP is often used by owners of online stores. Read this article and find out the best eCommerce plugins that online merchants can use to accept SXP as payment.

Swipe crypto

Key Points:

  • SXP is a promising digital asset which is part of the Swipe project.
  • SXP provides numerous benefits to online merchants that accept it.
  • Online stores deployed on PrestaShop, Shopify, WordPress, and Zen Cart, can set up SXP payment gateways with plugins.

What is Swipe (SXP)?

Swipe is a project which enables businesses to issue and distribute their branded virtual and physical cards. SXP is the native currency of Swipe, and it is used for various purposes. SXP is utilized to pay for transaction fees on Swipe, SXP also can be staked to receive discounts and influence the development of the project.

Benefits of accepting Swipe on e-commerce plugins

Online stores that decide to accept Swipe as payment using eCommerce plugins reap numerous benefits. These include:

  • Automatic processing of all SXP payments;
  • Instant payouts;
  • Low transaction fees;
  • Fast transaction settlement;
  • Borderless payments which let stores expand their clientele;
  • Provision of an anonymous payment option.

Best plugins to accept SXP


Swipe plugin WordPress

WooCommerce is the ultimate Swipe plugin WordPress users can utilize. WordPress is a popular website-building platform that hosts millions of pages. WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress that enables stores to create their online departments and start selling their products in no time. WooCommerce users can deploy a crypto plugin for Swipe which will let them accept SXP payments.


Swipe plugin

Shopify is another platform for store owners where they can sell their products online. Those merchants that host their stores on Shopify can make use of a Swipe Shopify plugin that will automatically process all of the payments made by their clients in SXP. The Swipe payment method will allow businesses to pay with SXP at the checkout.


PrestaShop crypto

PrestaShop is a well-known online store editor that has myriads of features and templates. Merchants can set up their store in a matter of minutes with PrestaShop. In addition to the conventional payment methods, merchants that use PrestaShop can now offer SXP to their clients. A Swipe PrestaShop plugin is a reliable solution for accepting Swipe payments without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart crypto

Zen Cart is a system for managing online stores that has been adopted by thousands of merchants around the globe. Since Zen Cart is an open-source project, companies that employ it have a chance to customize their online marketplaces. Today, merchants that wish to accept SXP as payment for their products can do it by installing a Swipe Zen Cart plugin.


Online stores that are always looking for ways to gain competitive advantage can utilize SXP plugins to reduce transaction fees and increase the number of clients. There are crypto plugins which are compatible with Shopify, Zen Cart, WordPress (WooCommerce), and PrestaShop.