Why accept SAND payments

Businesses are always looking to get ahead of their competitors through innovation. Cryptocurrencies are the staple of the modern technological advancement that many companies have already successfully adopted. Featuring only Bitcoin no longer cuts it, and companies need to expand their crypto payment assortment by adding new coins.

The SAND crypto is the perfect candidate for your crypto payments portfolio if you want to target the niche audience of the decentralized gaming community. SAND is the native currency of the Sandbox project, a massive Ethereum-based ecosystem for gamers. SAND is truly a unique asset that has a lot of utility both as a part of The Sandbox and beyond it.

Why accept SAND payments

Key Points:

  • SAND is a digital asset which is part of The Sandbox ecosystem.
  • SAND payments let businesses increase their number of customers and ensure better accountability.
  • NOWPayments offers companies solutions to deploy a SAND online payment gateway.

What is The Sandbox (SAND)?

What is The Sandbox (SAND)?

The Sandbox crypto is the utility token of The Sandbox, a decentralized gaming platform where users can play different games or create in-game items and mechanics using digital tokens such as LAND and SAND. The latter is essential for playing games on The Sandbox. SAND is also used for buying LAND and in-game equipment, as well as for customizing avatars. As the utility crypto, SAND is used for governance, and its owners can affect the development of The Sandbox platform. Yet, apart from using SAND inside the Sandbox ecosystem, players and investors can spend it externally, while businesses can deploy a Sandbox payment gateway.

Reasons to accept SAND

Expanding your customer base

Featuring cryptocurrency payments is always a great way to target more customers. There are hundreds of thousands of people on the planet who own crypto, and many of them would love to be able to spend it on products and services. By offering SAND as a payment option, businesses can target the community of decentralized gamers and thus increase their profits.

Providing anonymous payment method

SAND, just like the majority of cryptocurrencies, is an anonymous way of transferring money. Essentially, in order to make a SAND transaction, one does not need to disclose their personal information. Thus, businesses can provide their clients with an option of sending anonymous payments simply by letting them pay with SAND.

Offering environment-friendly payment option

The SAND cryptocurrency runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is set to undergo a radical transformation at the beginning of 2022, when it will transition to a Proof-of-Stake protocol. This change will allow the blockchain to significantly reduce its impact on the environment. As a result, SAND transactions will become energy efficient and an excellent eco-friendly alternative to traditional bank transfers.

Better accountability

The Ethereum blockchain is a technology which espouses the principle of transparency. Basically, information about every SAND transaction can be viewed by anyone with the help of Etherscan. Moreover, each SAND transaction is recorded and stored forever on the blockchain. Therefore, companies utilizing SAND payments can keep a better track of their revenues and achieve the highest level of accountability within the organization.

How to accept SAND

How to accept Sandbox payments

Businesses can accept SAND using NOWPayments’ solutions. For instance, companies can implement crypto invoices and issue them using a web-based Point-of-Sale crypto terminal.

Owners of online stores deployed on PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Shopware can utilize crypto plugins to set up their Sandbox payment gateway.

Charities and bloggers can place widgets, buttons, and links on their pages to collect SAND donations.


SAND is a fantastic digital asset that businesses can benefit from by featuring it as a payment option. NOWPayments provides companies with the essential infrastructure to accept SAND payments efficiently.