Point of Sale and Bitcoin

The absolute domination of Bitcoin in the crypto industry is undebatable. Even though Bitcoin has certain shortcomings, such as high transaction fees when compared to other coins, it still remains the most sought-after cryptocurrency. Businesses also utilize Bitcoin in their operations in different ways. For instance, companies accept Bitcoin as payment. A Bitcoin Point-of-Sale terminal is a popular way of featuring crypto payments. NOWPayments offers a modern Bitcoin Point-of-Sale system that can be deployed within minutes.

Key Points:

Point of Sale and Bitcoin
  • Offering Bitcoin as a payment method is a popular trend among merchants.
  • A Bitcoin Point-of-Sale is a cheap and reliable way to accept crypto.
  • NOWPayments’ Bitcoin PoS terminal has the most extensive choice of cryptocurrencies and the lowest fees on the market.

How to accept Bitcoin easily?

How to accept Bitcoin easily?

If you own a business and wish to accept Bitcoin as payment, a Point-of-Sale terminal is an excellent solution for you. NOWPayments’ PoS system is completely web-based, so you will not have to invest in expensive equipment. Instead, you will be able to issue invoices and collect payments using your phone, laptop, or tablet. A PoS terminal is a convenient way of accepting Bitcoin for brick-and-mortar stores. Merchants can use their PoS solution for issuing invoices right on the spot and type in the exact price for the products chosen by the customer. Owners of online stores also can benefit from a PoS terminal and can charge their clients the full price in Bitcoin by sending them a QR code.

Why is NOWPayments the best choice for merchants?

Why NOWPayments is the best choice for merchants

As a company, NOWPayments values its partnerships and is always aiming at providing the best service on the market. Merchants can gain a long list of advantages by working with NOWPayments. For instance, the company offers the lowest processing fees out there, starting from 0.4%, there is hardly any other payment processing system or bank which can beat that.

NOWPayments is also a non-custodial service that does not store the money of its partners and guarantees instant payouts.

Moreover, NOWPayments’ selection of coins that businesses can accept is practically unheard of. There are more than 110 cryptocurrencies that merchants can offer to their clients as payment methods.

Range of functions

The PoS solution of NOWPayments possesses numerous functions. First of all, the PoS system allows you to feature any or all of the cryptocurrencies available at NOWPayments. Basically, your clients always have a choice when it comes to their preferred way of payment.

PoS also enables your clients to make a payment using any device. They can scan a QR code with their mobile phone or tablet and pay using their crypto wallet app. At the same time, they can utilize their desktop or web crypto wallet and conduct a transaction by copying the deposit address.

Merchants can issue an unlimited amount of crypto invoices using the PoS terminal and specify the sum in a fiat currency of their choice, which will then automatically get converted to crypto.

How to implement PoS of Bitcoin into your business?

How to implement PoS of Bitcoin into your business?

Setting up a Bitcoin PoS terminal is easy and takes mere minutes to do so.

  • Sign up for a NOWPayments account.
  • Add your crypto wallet address and generate an API Key.
  • Go to Store Settings and choose the PoS Terminal option there.
  • Create a link to your PoS terminal.
  • Choose the cryptocurrencies you want to accept.
  • To issue your crypto invoice, simply specify the sum and the coin.


A PoS terminal is one of the most convenient ways to accept cryptocurrencies. Deploying a NOWPayments’ PoS solution is beneficial for both online and brick-and-mortar merchants. You can set up a Bitcoin Point-of-Sale system and start collecting payments from clients in minutes without the need to invest in any equipment.