How to Use Plugins to Accept Payments?

Cryptocurrencies have proven their reputation as risky but lucrative investments which can yield great returns to those who know how to handle them. Yet, apart from investors, there is also a community of crypto spenders who espouse the motto “crypto is meant to be used” and are not afraid of exchanging their virtual currencies for various products.

As a result, the crypto market presents an untapped potential for companies that sell goods and services online, especially on platforms such as WooCommerce and various WordPress plugins. NOWPayments has solutions for eCommerce vendors that can allow them to set up a crypto payment gateway for accepting cryptocurrencies.

cryptocurrency payments plugin

Key Points

  • Crypto payment plugins are an excellent way to start accepting virtual currencies such as Ethereum and Dogecoin
  • NOWPayments has several plugin-solutions for different website builders and eCommerce platforms
  • Enterprises that use WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, WHMCS, Magento, OpenCart, and Ecwid can deploy a crypto payment gateway using crypto plugins

Advantages of Using NOWPayments Plugins

Seamless Integration

The most apparent advantage of using NOWPayments plugins lies in the ease of integration. Anyone can deploy their own payment gateway in a matter of minutes by following simple guidelines. Moreover, one can be certain that the gateway will work perfectly well without any lagging, freezing, or crashing. There is also a chat option available on the website, where one can ask the customer support any question related to NOWPayments services. Simply specify the cryptocurrencies you would like to receive, enter your wallet address, generate an API key, and you are ready to accept crypto payments from your clients.

Access to Global Clientele

The current banking system is quite limiting in terms of international transfers. Banks usually operate within borders of countries, and people may struggle with sending money overseas if their recipient’s bank is not the same as their own.

Payment processing platforms such as PayPal, which were intended to facilitate the process of international money transfers, also have a shortcoming. They require registering and may not be available in certain territories. All of these factors cause a great inconvenience to businesses and their foreign customers, who often do not have an option to pay for the product they desire. Yet, by integrating a crypto payment gateway with NOWPayments’ plugin, merchants can let those clients finally get hold of what they could not purchase.


crypto payment plugin

At NOWPayments, we believe that customers should always be in control of their money and able to freely utilize it whenever they please. That is why NOWPayments is a completely non-custodial service which means that it does not store or in any way keep funds of its partners. All payments made by your clients go directly to your wallet. Such arrangement eradicates the possibility of the crypto of NOWPayments’ partners being stolen by hackers during an attack. Additionally, it grants partners absolute freedom in deciding how and when to use their digital assets.

Secure and Fast Transactions

Blockchain is a technology which has revolutionized payments by making them faster and more secure. Since crypto transactions are fully peer-to-peer, there are no parties that can potentially disrupt them. This significantly helps improve the speed at which payments are processed.

For instance, XRP, NANO, EOS, Stellar, and HBAR all manage to deliver transaction speeds that are under 10 seconds. Apart from their swiftness, blockchains are also extremely secure and implement several layers of encryption. Carrying out attacks on blockchains is nearly impossible since they utilize algorithms which allow them to ensure the security and stability of their networks.

How to Install NOWPayments Plugins?


WordPress is another excellent platform where merchants can host their stores and thus ensure a global outreach. WordPress has a reliable infrastructure, so businesses do not have to worry about their website crashing in the middle of their clients’ shopping. This platform is a popular choice on the market since thousands of businesses host their websites on it and manage to sell their goods to millions of customers around the globe. NOWPayments offers enterprises to install a crypto payment gateway through WooCommerce plugin and start accepting dozens of digital assets from their clientele. Follow this guide to enter the crypto world.


PrestaShop is a major player in the market of eCommerce website builders, which features various tools for customization and promotion. Thousands of businesses find the platform the most convenient way to host and maintain their e-stores. Perhaps, the coolest thing about PrestaShop is the fact that it allows its customers to present their stores simultaneously in several languages and lets shoppers pay in their native currencies. Thanks to NOWPayments, businesses on PrestaShop can also accept cryptocurrencies and expand their list of available payment options for clients. Click here to learn how to install a crypto payment gateway for your PrestaShop store.

Other Platforms

Magento2 Crypto Payment Plugin

Apart from the aforementioned services, NOWPayments also has plugins for other popular platforms. One of them is Zen Cart, a system for managing online stores which is distributed for free under the GNU General Public License. Integrating a crypto payment gateway for Zen Cart is simple, and anyone can do it by following this guide.

WHMCS is another option widely used by eCommerce merchants. It is a web hosting management solution and billing software that helps automate different aspects of a business, including provisioning. NOWPayments has a plugin for enterprises that use WHMCS services, and you can learn more about it here.

OpenCart merchants also have a chance to accept cryptocurrencies by installing this plugin.

NOWPayments also has a crypto payment solution for those enterprises that utilize Magento, one of the largest eCommerce platforms that is used by thousands of brands. Finally, there is a plugin for Ecwid, a platform that lets users build their own online stores and sync them with social media and marketplaces like Amazon.


NOWPayments offers plugins to eCommerce merchants which are easy to integrate and allow them to accept cryptocurrencies from their customers. NOWPayments is a non-custodial service which means that your clients will send crypto directly to your wallet, and you will be fully in charge of your funds. By installing a crypto payment gateway, any business can attain global outreach since their foreign customers will no longer be restricted in terms of payment options. Moreover, crypto payments guarantee secure and rocket-speed transactions. Integrating a crypto payment gateway will open new prospects for any eCommerce store.