How Enjin donations can boost your Twitch?

Enjin offers a radically different approach to NFTs compared to its competitors. For one, all NFTs created using Enjin are backed by ENJ. So, these digital assets can be destroyed and converted to ENJ at any moment. This ensures that Enjin NFTs always have value. ENJ connects you to the Enjin ecosystem, letting you interact with numerous products and services. Apart from NFT utility, ENJ crypto can serve as a great solution for payments and donations. Twitch streamers playing blockchain/metaverse games and conventional titles can extract significant value from featuring ENJ donations. NOWPayments is an Enjin payment gateway offering ENJ donation tools to Twitch streamers.

Key points:

  • Enjin specializes in NFTs.
  • The ENJ coin facilitates the donation process and helps streamers to get new fans.
  • Feature ENJ donations using NOWPayments.

What is Enjin coin?

Enjin lets businesses, developers, and users integrate NFTs. The Enjin Coin (ENJ) is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency acting as the utility token in the Enjin ecosystem. Enjin allows users to manage their NFTs and cryptocurrencies and participate in the growing virtual economy. The platform has been used extensively by various companies, for instance, Microsoft. ENJ is a coin which is utilized in many Enjin products, including its wallet. ENJ has a maximum total supply of 1,000,000,000 ENJ and is held by over 150 thousand people.

Benefits of Enjin donations

Make donating easier

Make donating easier

One of the features making crypto payments a solution superior to the mainstream ones is the absence of borders and restrictions. Enjin crypto transactions are peer-to-peer, so they can be made from any place on the planet.

Moreover, ENJ coins can be received practically by any person as long as they have an internet connection. Streamers and other people who receive donations need to build a global community open to every individual, no matter where they are from. ENJ donations can contribute to the creation of such a community by allowing everyone to have a chance to make a donation.

Let clients keep their privacy

Let clients keep their privacy with Enjin

Mainstream donation methods cannot match the privacy level offered by ENJ transactions. Basically, Enjin does not record or store the personal identity information of users enabling them to send and receive ENJ coins completely anonymously.

Online privacy is a significant concern for many, and lots of people would like to avoid exposing their private info when conducting financial operations over the internet. Twitch streamers can deploy ENJ as an anonymous donation method and let their audience members send money while keeping confidentiality. Some Twitch viewers may stay away from donating to their favorite streamers because of the lack of anonymity, so why not give them a chance to do it privately?

Use Enjin NFTs to boost engagement

Use Enjin NFTs to boost engagement

Enjin focuses on NFTs, and ENJ is the key element necessary for their creation. You can entertain your community and make your content more engaging by creating Enjin-based NFT collections. These NFTs can be sent to the top donors or used as a reward for community activities.

Gamification can help you to make your fans more loyal which can increase the size of donations you get from the community. Enjin NFTs are also a great way to earn a bit extra profit. Make your unique Enjin NFT and sell it to your audience. There is also a chance that some of these NFTs will turn into sought-after assets in a couple of years.

Get new fans

Get new fans

The use of Enjin NFTs can enable you to attract a good share of ENJ investors and try to get their attention. As mentioned above, there are over 150k people who hold ENJ coins in their wallets. This is truly an incredible number that opens amazing opportunities for Twitch streamers.

There is practically no competition in terms of the streamers accepting their donations in ENJ. So, you can become a pioneer in ENJ donations on Twitch and get all the early-adoption benefits that come along with it. Many ENJ investors will be excited to donate to you in the ENJ token or purchase your Enjin-based NFTs.

Instant access to funds

Instant access to funds

Another inconvenience caused by the mainstream donation methods is the money withdrawal restrictions. For instance, some services limit the amount of money eligible for withdrawal per day, thus leaving people unable to get hold of a needed sum quickly.

Others impose outrageous withdrawal fees and make clients part with a decent share of their income. There are also many instances when streamers’ accounts got frozen or banned by donation services.

ENJ does not have any of the aforementioned problems. It is permissionless, which means that there is no authority that can restrict your on-chain activities or stop you from receiving and sending ENJ coins. Moreover, if you keep your ENJ in a non-custodial wallet, you are free from any interferences on the part of third parties. So, you can withdraw, send, or receive your crypto at any moment without any obstacles.

How do I accept ENJ crypto on Twitch?

NOWPayments has several tools for featuring ENJ donations to choose from. The donation button is a solution which is most useful in the case of Twitch. Streamers can integrate the donation button by placing it on their Twitch page. By pressing the button, audience members will get a chance to send an ENJ donation.

Twitch streamers who wish to get an ENJ donation button should follow these steps: 

  • Sign up for a NOWPayments account. You can do this via this link.
  • Specify the cryptocurrency and the crypto wallet.
  • Generate an API Key.
Create an API key
  • Go to the Donations menu in your Dashboard, choose the donation button style, select an API key, and copy the code.
  • Place a crypto donation on your Twitch page.
Place a crypto donation button


Twitch streamers can use the ENJ cryptocurrency to accept donations or create unique NFTs.

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