How crypto improves your small business

Every day, the number of companies that accept cryptocurrency as a payment option is steadily growing. Crypto payments act as a fast, cheap, and effective replacement for conventional payment services. Perhaps now is the most appropriate time for small business owners to pay attention to cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will look at the advantages a merchant can get from crypto, and what mind-blowing payment tools  NOWPayments have for your business.

Key Points: 

  • NOWPayments offers convenient and easy-to-install payment tools that help attract customers, increase the number of sales, and smooth the payment process.
  • With NOWPayments, fundraising is as easy and secure as never before.
  • Crypto mass payouts are a visionary step to attract new customers and get ahead of the competition.

NOWPayments Tools

NOWPayments Tools

Depending on your goals, type of business, and tasks, you have various payment tools to choose from. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, the setup is extremely easy, but if you have any questions, we are always happy to help you.


We provide our clients with plugins for e-shops on various e-commercial platforms: PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, and more. With the help of the crypto plugin, an additional payment option in cryptocurrency will be available to your customers. We provide more than 100 cryptocurrencies — you can accept any coin you prefer.

Business owners know better than anyone else that in order to increase sales, it is necessary to attract new customers and create the most convenient payment terms. Therefore, diversifying your payment options is a great step towards your customers. The installation of the plugin is as simple as one-two-three and doesn’t require deep technical knowledge.

  • Easy to integrate
  • Instant payments
  • Attracting crypto community to your business


API is one of the most convenient and technically advanced payment tools. This is a lightweight crypto payment gateway, the integration of which is extremely simple and can be performed even by an inexperienced user. Moreover, with this tool, you can receive instant payment notification (IPN). The crucial point is that you can provide your customers with a convenient function: they can split the payment between several cryptocurrencies, for example, pay part in BTC and part in ETH.

  • Convenient IPN
  • Combined payments
  • Secure and reliable payment tool


Crypto payment invoices

Invoices are another newfangled tool that allows your customers to make crypto payments. It looks formal and neat because all the information necessary for payment can be conveniently placed in the invoice. In addition, this is exactly the tool that offline business owners can use. Simply create an invoice, print it out, and place it in your store. That’s all. Your customers can simply scan the QR code and make crypto payments for goods or services. The key point is that with the help of invoices and our fiat processing solution, you do not deprive your customers of the payment method they are used to. Everything is as convenient and simple as possible, your client pays for the purchase with a fiat currency, and we automatically convert it into crypto and transfer it to your wallet.

  • Can be used multiple times
  • Charge fiat – get paid in crypto
  • Convenient payment tool 


NOWPayments offers small business owners to implement a fully web-based PoS terminal to provide their customers with the most customized and convenient payment method. The working principle of our PoS solution is very simple —it’s a perfect solution for brick-and-mortar store owners. Let’s say a customer has chosen a product and wants to pay with cryptocurrency: all you need is to enter a fiat amount, choose a cryptocurrency that suits your client, and generate a QR code. The whole process takes a few seconds, the client only has to scan the QR code and make a payment.

  • Instant generation of QR code for payment
  • Absence of deployment costs
  • Customized payment solution

Donation tools

crypto donation tools

If you are just developing your small business, but already have a number of supporters who are ready to help you. You can collect the necessary funds using the donation tools. Just add a donation widget, button, or link to your website, describe your idea to the audience and invite your customers to help with its implementation.

  • An easy way to raise funds
  • Easy installation process
  • More than 100 cryptocurrencies to choose from

Mass Payouts

crypto mass payout

Thousands of employees around the world are ready to accept crypto as payment for their work. Keep up with the times and offer your employees a tempting offer as a crypto salary. Moreover, with the help of mass payouts, you can set up an affiliate program for your partners. Maintaining good relationships with customers and employees is a key point if you want your business to become successful. Using NOWPayments, you can easily send cryptocurrency as affiliate rewards or employee payrolls to an unlimited number of users.

  • Send crypto to multiple addresses in one click
  • Attracting new customers
  • Get an edge over your competitors


Accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment has become quite simple, both online and physically. NOWPayments offers easy-to-use solutions that allow merchants around the world to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Small business owners who have decided to accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment can count on solid dividends since such information is actively distributed among members of the crypto community using word of mouth and news.