Harmony ONE. Crypto Charity donations & ELONGATE

Have you ever donated to charity? What about donating crypto? Recently, charities and non-profit projects have started embracing donations in crypto, having understood the advantages of accepting cryptocurrency. 

Key points

  • ELONGATE is a charity coin aiming to provide charities with a way to benefit from crypto donations
  • You can donate ONE to Elongate, with your donation then going to a further charity (each week, a new one is chosen)
  • Harmony (ONE) offers low fees and high speed, with a very active community happy to see the ONE token in use. Check out the Harmony.ONE site.

Mass Adoption is about this development becoming more ubiquitous as more and more projects get an understanding of what benefits crypto brings and how to use them.

Charity and Cryptocurrency

So, how can charities benefit from crypto donations? 

  • Global coverage – cross-border donations are possible from every point of the world
  • Lower fees – micro-transactions for grassroots projects are a perfect way to explore crypto
  • Security: сryptocurrency transactions are protected by the blockchain technology
  • Transparency: an important point for charities that wish to stay transparent for their donors

You can donate with crypto to quite a few charities now, with their number, hopefully, growing in the future. Here, you can find out what charities accept crypto and how they do it.

One of the ways to donate crypto to charity is to explore the non-profit projects featured on CoinSocialStory.  It is possible to donate to them right on the site.

A good example is ELONGATE, a crypto charity coin.  The project provides charities with a great way to start their road towards accepting crypto donations. 

You can now donate to ELONGATE right on their site.


ELONGATE crypto token is a charity crypto and a crypto charity fund. They have developed a unique mechanism for this: Every token transaction has a 10% fee, with 5% going to token holders as a reward, and another 5% collected in a pool to be then sent to a charity which is chosen every week. One of the examples is National Kidney Foundation.

ELONGATE prepares interviews with various representatives of the different charities the donations go to, like Susana Eshleman CEO of Children International, Junaid Butt, Director of Human Relief Foundation, Kevin Longino CEO of National Kidney Foundation, and Kimbal Musk co-founder of Big Green.

Charities benefit from direct giving. That is why NOWPayments – crypto payment gateway – and CoinSocialStory are happy to have partnered up with ELONGATE to help charities accept crypto donations.

Right now ELONGATE has around 450K holders. Over $3 Million has been donated to charity in its 9 weeks of operation.

Harmony ONE donations

Donate Harmony to ELONGATE

ONE Token Donation Benefits:

  • Low fees (of $0,000003)
  • High speed (2 seconds per block)
  • Rich ecosystem, a dedicated community
  • Open-source, community-driven

How to start accepting ONE

You can accept Harmony crypto as payment or donation in just a few simple steps by registering on NOWPayments, entering your Harmony coin wallet address and creating an API key.

After that, you can use our crypto plugins, such as WooCommerce or PrestaShop or explore our API.

For crypto donations, you can use our widget, button or a donation link.