ONE for All – NOW!

NOWPayments is thrilled to support Harmony (ONE) for payments, donations and payouts. Excited to build a better future together!

What does NOWPayments bring to the brilliant ecosystem?

What is Harmony 

Harmony ONE coin

Harmony Protocol was designed to solve the blockchain trilemma of security, scalability, and decentralization, with the added dimension of privacy: “fourth trilemma” as introduced by its founder Dr. Tse. Harmony’s focus is fast transactions and interoperability. It is an advanced layer-2 solution for Ethereum. Harmony offers a perfect environment for building dApps. 

Harmony blockchain uses a unique consensus algorithm, and the Harmony ONE token is the native token within the Harmony ecosystem. 

Key points

  • Low fees (of $0,000003)
  • High speed (2 seconds per block)
  • Rich ecosystem, cross-chain
  • Open-source, community-driven

Harmony History

Harmony was created by Dr. Stephen Tse, a core developer of Google Maps, who developed his own programming language ‘Min’ for blockchains. Harmony was founded in 2018, with the ONE token launched in May 2019. 

The ONE token

The project mission is “For One and For All”: Harmony and the ONE token are aiming to create an ’open consensus’ for 10 billion people. Harmony crypto is used to pay for fees across the network and for staking, with participants receiving rewards (validators are required to stake a minimum of 10,000 ONE tokens). 

Use ONE on a daily basis

  • NOW, you can use ONE every day and explore various use cases for it 
  • Get to use your ONE in various stores or donate to favourite bloggers
  • Accept ONE yourself
  • Join the movement and help us bring mass adoption closer by sharing the info about ONE use cases