Benefits of Crypto to Fiat: SXP payments and Mass Adoption

The crypto industry is advancing rapidly and every year new technologies emerge which seek to solve and improve various aspects of the current finance system. Nevertheless, everyone would agree that the supply substantially outgrows the demand. In other words, while there are numerous blockchains, people, in general, seem reluctant to use them. As a result, certain projects begin to offer products that can facilitate the process of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and establish a bridge between the legacy and crypto finance.

Swipe is one of such platforms since it features cryptocurrency exchange cards and enables decentralized finance products powered by its utility token SXP. NOWPayments can help organizations to accept Swipe SXP, deploy a crypto-to-fiat gateway, and ultimately make crypto payments a part of your business model.

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SXP crypto

Key Points

  • Swipe offers crypto Visa cards that allow its clients to pay at numerous merchants around the world.
  • SXP is the utility token of Swipe which performs different functions on the network.
  • NOWPayments helps businesses accept SXP payments and SXP donations and provides a crypto-to-fiat conversion feature for clients from SEPA countries.

About Swipe

What is Swipe coin?

Founded in 2018 by Joselito Lizarondo, Swipe is a platform that strives to bring interoperability between cryptocurrency and traditional finance. Swipe provides its clients with the ability to issue branded virtual and physical Visa cards. By utilizing Swipe Wallet, owners of such cards can spend their cryptocurrencies including SXP tokens in fiat at any merchant that accepts Visa cards. Moreover, the conversion happens in a few seconds so users do not have to wait for hours for their transaction to get processed.

Swipe Wallet is an application where users of cards can easily deposit their crypto. They do not even need to have a physical card to do it, since virtual cards are available. Additionally, Swipe offers its services to businesses that can issue the aforementioned cards on demand and customize them. Swipe supports dozens of fiat currencies so users are in no way limited in their capacity to pay using the Swipe card.

SXP Crypto

SXP crypto is the utility token of the Swipe Network which performs a host of vital functions. First of all, SXP serves as the primary means of exchange in the ecosystem by powering all operations on the network. Holders of SXP tokens can participate in the governance of the network and make their contributions to the development of the platform in the future through voting.

Yet, the main function of SXP tokens is staking. Users can bond their SXP tokens to smart contracts in order to maintain the conversion rates for crypto-to-fiat transactions. SXP tokens act as bonds in the network to guarantee that all users’ conversions go through. In return for their staking activity, users can claim their share of the daily Network Rewards. Currently, the sum of the rewards equals 20,000 SXP a day. Thus, the SXP token also presents its holders with opportunities to earn more coins.

SXP Cards

SXP cards have undergone several revisions and currently, there are two variants available to clients. Swipe users can choose either Standard or Premium cards. When customers get a card, Swipe managers help them to settle all the regulatory issues and KYC procedures making the experience as seamless as possible.

How to Accept SXP but Receive Fiat

Convert Crypto to Fiat: Benefits

As mentioned earlier, the general public is slow on adopting cryptocurrencies. Despite all of their advantages such as anonymity, low transaction fees, and speed, people still prefer fiat currencies. One of the main concerns about cryptocurrencies is that they tend to fluctuate radically in price. People also avoid using cryptocurrencies because they have been utilizing fiat all their life. Thus, one of the solutions to the problem of the slow adoption rate is an automatic conversion from crypto to fiat.

Essentially, using this feature, businesses can take advantage of all the benefits of crypto payments and then turn their crypto profits into dollars or euros. Apart from the aforementioned benefits of crypto payments, the community of investors and enthusiasts is perhaps the main asset the industry has to offer. Companies can seize new opportunities and get their share of the crypto market by featuring cryptocurrency as a payment method.

NOWPayments’ Solution

NOWPayments has designed a solution for businesses and individuals that want to accept cryptocurrencies as payment or donations. Moreover, NOWPayments offers the crypto-fiat conversion feature to all of its clients from SEPA countries. If you want to start accepting crypto but would like to receive your funds in fiat then NOWPayments’ solution is ideal for you.

Set Up Your Account

Before you begin your crypto journey, you have to sign up on NOWPayments’ official website. The process is simple and takes less than five minutes. Just enter your email and come up with a password for your account. Once you sign in, go to the settings and generate an API key by posting your crypto wallet address. You can also generate an Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) secret key by going to Store Settings. Remember to save your IPN key, you will not get an opportunity to see it again.

Then, you have to choose one or several integration options. If you own a business, you can choose to accept crypto payments on your website, including Swipe SXP. While charities and bloggers can deploy a crypto donation widget. SXP is not the only digital asset you can accept. In fact, NOWPayments features more than 90 cryptocurrencies. Setting up your payment gateway is free.

Request the feature

crypto fiat

All clients of NOWPayments who want to use the crypto-to-fiat conversion feature need to go through an onboarding process.

In your account, press the “Crypto to Fiat Button.” You will get the page where you will have to fill out the third-party provider form to be able to withdraw to fiat. In it, you will have to present details about your business. After sending the completed form, NOWPayments will process it in 2 business days.

On approval, Guardian, the third-party provider, will ask you to share some documents need to undergo the onboarding process to receive fiat. Once you provide these documents and get another approval, you will be able to sign an agreement with Guardarian.

Finally, after you sign the agreement, you will be able to receive fiat. To do it, you need to specify your bank account and the amount you would like to withdraw. Then, NOWPayments will give you the rate and the deposit address to which you will have to send the requested amount in crypto. Guardarian sends funds within 72 hours.


Swipe is a platform that aims at ensuring interoperability between traditional and crypto finance. The project’s SXP token has a variety of functions and is ideal for accepting it as a payment or donation. Businesses that want to accept SXP but would still prefer to receive their funds in fiat can use NOWPayments’ crypto-to-fiat conversion feature.