Benefits of donations in Centric Swap

Many organizations, including Wikipedia and Red Cross, have already recognized the utility of crypto donations. Cryptocurrency donations possess a plethora of advantages for non-profit organizations and individuals that accept donations. NOWPayments enables charities, streamers, bloggers, musicians, and influencers to accept over 100 different cryptocurrencies as a donation. One of the coins that you can feature using the service is CNS, the native coin of Centric.

Key points:

  • CNS is a universal donation solution.
  • Crypto influencers can use CNS as a safe and low-cost donation method.
  • NOWPayments’ tools facilitate the process of donating and accepting CNS.

What is Centric Swap (CNS)?

Centric is a project focusing on the issue of crypto volatility. Yet, to address the problem, Centric does not follow the usual path of enhancing transaction throughput and introducing smart contracts. Instead, it utilizes an innovative dual-token digital currency solution and a decentralized blockchain protocol which is built on sound economics. The two tokens that power Centric’s dual-token model are called Centric Rise (CNR) and Centric Swap (CNS). CNR has a fixed price, while CNS trades like a regular cryptocurrency. CNS’s value depends on the current market forces. CNR and CNS are BEP-20 standard tokens issued on the BSC blockchain. CNR has a deflationary nature, while CNS is elastic. CNS is a solid choice for donations and payments.

Who can accept CNS donations

Instagram bloggers

Instagram bloggers benefit from CNS donations

Instagram is the best place to post your incredible photos and videos and interact with your audience. This is why numerous crypto experts use Instagram to share their perspectives on the current events in the industry. Yet, one of the key downsides of Instagram is the absence of an in-built donation feature.

Luckily, by using the NOWPayments’ donation link, you can deploy your CNS donation gateway. One of the biggest advantages of CNS is the speed of transactions that it can boast. Basically, you can get CNS donations in a matter of several minutes. Moreover, CNS is a universal asset, so it can be sent by practically any person on the planet as long as they have access to the Internet.


Youtubers will benefit from CentricSwap

YouTube is perhaps the greatest platform of our time, and it seems that its continuous growth has no end. Every year, thousands of interesting channels get created on YT. The platform also has billions of hours of cryptocurrency-themed content. YouTube has a built-in system that allows you to support your favorite YouTubers.

Yet, the main shortcoming of this is the size of fees YT charges creators when they get donations. This is where CNS can come in handy for YT creators that make content on the topic of crypto. CNS is a cryptocurrency that exists on the Binance Smart Chain, a network with low gas fees. So, by using CNS as a means of donation, you will also be able to drive down the expenses for your donors.

Twitch streamers

Twitch streamers will benefit from CNS donations

Twitch is the key player in the streaming industry. Although it has some competitors, none of them has yet reached the level of popularity of Twitch. Many Twitch streamers live off the donations sent to them by their loyal fans. Streamers tend to use the traditional donation methods, including PayPal.

While they can process transactions relatively quickly, they have many cons. For instance, PayPal is unavailable in many countries and has a complicated registration process. This prevents people from sending donations to their favorite streamers. Centric does not have any gatekeepers or authorities that block users from sending and receiving CNS. This is why you do not need to verify your identity or undergo lengthy registration processes to start using CNS. Twitch streamers can deploy CNS as a donation method available to every fan without exceptions.

Twitter influencers

Twitter influencers should accept CNS crypto donations

People go on Twitter to read news, hear rants, enjoy interesting threads, and do a ton of other fun and entertaining activities. Twitter is particularly popular among crypto investors who have large audiences.

These crypto influencers can use NOWPayments to get donations from their followers. A link from NOWPayments conveniently placed in your bio can let your audience members send CNS donations of any size, and you will be able to get them in minutes.


TikTokers should try CentricSwap donations

TikTok is a new platform which has taken the world by storm. It offers a new genre of short videos containing pranks, jokes, and dances. Top TikTokers make it to Forbes’ lists of the richest entertainers, yet the platform does not let users donate to the TikTok celebrities.

There are many TikTok crypto influencers that can use CNS donations as a way to get support from their fans. For instance, since CNS transactions are transparent, crypto TikTokers can utilize CNS as a perfect solution for raising funds for different causes while maintaining complete accountability.

How CNS donations benefit your project

Centric Swap donation widget
Where a donation widget can be created in a NOWPayments’ account

Thanks to NOWPayments, you have several options for accepting CNS donations. Twitch streamers can utilize a special crypto donations button designed by NOWPayments. The button makes the whole process of sending a CNS donation easy.

Influencers who have their own websites or blogs, such as writers, musicians, artists, and photographers, can deploy a CNS payments widget. The widget itself lets you feature as many crypto payment methods as you would like.

Finally, influencers who are popular on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other similar platforms, can receive CNS donations using a simple link.


CNS is a viable choice for influencers and other media personalities that want to get crypto donations. NOWPayments’ selection of tools enables people and organizations to accept CNS donations across different social media platforms.

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