What is an invoice and how to accept crypto with it?

To date, cryptocurrencies and blockchain are actively used in the economy and commerce. Accepting payments in cryptocurrency has become relevant for many companies, entrepreneurs, and even freelancers. The crypto invoice helps to transfer funds between partners, sellers, and buyers in the simplest and most convenient manner. We invite you to figure out what those “invoices”  are, the advantages of using them, and what needs to be done to start accepting cryptocurrency with invoices.

Key Points: 

  • Crypto invoice is a convenient tool that serves to facilitate the transfer of funds between partners.
  • In order to create an invoice on NOWPayments, you will need only a few minutes.
  • The invoices that you create on NOWPayments have a number of advantages that provide you with a better payment experience.

What is an invoice?

What is an invoice?

A crypto invoice is a tool that allows you request payments from your customers. It contains the payment amount, currency, and your wallet address. The purpose of the invoice is to facilitate crypto payments between the consumer and the seller. How, you may ask, does it do it?  

Now you no longer need to send your wallet address and be afraid of making a mistake and losing funds. It is not necessary to designate the required amount to be paid and the desired cryptocurrency for each of your clients. There are no more misunderstandings. All the information that is necessary for making a crypto payment is neatly arranged in the form of an invoice, which you can easily create using NOWPayments.

If you plan to accept payments using invoices, then you need to take into account a number of points:

  • the invoice must include the exact amount to be paid in the cryptocurrency of your choice;
  • the invoice must contain the exact address of the wallet to which the client will have to transfer funds;
  • you need to know the contacts of the partner where the invoice will be sent. 

After sending the invoice, your customer will only have to pay the needed sum. The sender of the invoice will be notified of the payment.

How to accept cryptocurrency with an invoice?

With the help of the non-custodial NOWPayments platform, you can create a crypto invoice in just a few clicks, and you can use it an infinite number of times. Just follow the simple instructions:

  • Log in to your account. Or create one if it’s your first time on NOWPayments.
  • Navigate to the “Invoice” section.
  • Enter brief information about the service or product provided.
  • Enter the Order ID.
  • Indicate the currency in which you would like to accept payments.
  • Assign the amount of the product or service.
  • Almost done! Click the “Create invoice” button.
  • Choose the method of its distribution. You have now three options: you can send a link directly to your clients or provide them with a QR code, or just place an invoice on your website.
How to accept cryptocurrency with an invoice?
Creation of the payment invoice
How to create crypto payment invoice

The advantages of using crypto invoices with NOWPayments include:

  • Multicurrency
    We understand how important it is to meet the needs of customers, so we offer merchants and freelancers the opportunity to accept more than 100 different cryptocurrencies in a safe and convenient manner.
  • Instant payments
    NOWPayments is a non-custodial service, that is, we do not withhold your funds, and payment is made wallet-to-wallet.
  • Convenience
    NOWPayments has a user-friendly interface, so even a beginner can create a crypto invoice. After spending just a few minutes to create an invoice, you can use it an unlimited number of times.
  • Low fees
    We provide your business with the best payment tools and charge competitively low fees for our services.
  • An easy way to attract customers and increase sales
    An invoice is an excellent payment tool that can be used by merchants and freelancers. It looks presentable and convenient, which will undoubtedly enhance the image of your brand.


Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technologies underlying them have become massively used in business. Digital coins are increasingly offering bill payments. This is due to minimal fees, a high degree of transaction security, and ease of use. For entrepreneurs, accepting payments using invoices is a wonderful opportunity to facilitate the payment experience for themselves and their customers, as well as to stand out among competitors. For customers, this is an easy way to pay for services and goods without giving the second party confidential information about themselves.