Ways non-profits benefit from ADA donations

Cardano is widely recognized as one of the safest, eco-friendly, and fastest cryptocurrencies on the market. Its efficiency makes it a perfect tool for collecting donations. We invite you to learn more about this wonderful project and how ADA can help charitable organizations.

Key Points:

  • Cardano is a fast, cost-effective, and secure cryptocurrency.
  • By accepting ADA donations, you ensure effective fundraising.
  • With NOWPayments, you can choose a donation tool that suits you perfectly.

What is Cardano?

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a high-performance Proof of Stake blockchain that was launched in 2017. The development of Cardano took place based on a scientific approach and a lot of fundamental research. The project has three key characteristics that make it the main competitor of the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 — scalability, decentralization, and security. Cardano is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, and recently the platform has become even more popular. This happened against the background of the launch of the long-awaited Alonzo update, thanks to which Cardano now supports operations with smart contracts, NFTs, and DeFi protocols. In addition to the fact that Cardano is an effective and sustainable platform for launching decentralized applications, the ADA internal currency enjoys incredible popularity as a means of payment, fundraising, and international money transfers. Thanks to the Ouroborus consensus mechanism, Cardano can maintain high transaction speeds, low fees, and a first-class level of security.

Is ADA good for charities?

Cardano is one of the best choices for charities that want to accept crypto donations. Firstly, it is worth noting that transactions with ADA cryptocurrency are incredibly secure, so non-commercial organizations should not be afraid of losing vital funds. In addition, unlike other top cryptocurrencies, the Cardano network is congestion-resistant and allows you to receive almost instant donations. Finally, an important factor in favor of ADA is extremely low fees, thanks to which donors can send both large and small amounts in a cost-effective manner.

Is ADA good for charities?

With NOWPayments, charities can fully appreciate all the benefits of ADA donations. Our service supports the lowest fees so that you can save more funds for your Great Cause. We provide several donation tools — widgets, buttons, and links — so that you can choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. With our donation tools, non-profit organizations can start accepting ADA on any website, platform, blog, or even send links to accept ADA donations directly to their donors.

Ways to benefit for non-profits?

Collect more funds

Traditional payment services are already one step behind because they are slower and many times more expensive. It is a fairly common practice when using conventional electronic payment systems to transfer payments or donations, we are obliged to pay a high fee, which sometimes reaches up to 50% of the transaction amount. In addition, leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum today have some problems associated with high congestion and scalability, so fees in their networks are sometimes too high. In contrast, the Cardano platform was initially developed on a more scalable and cost-effective consensus mechanism, which allows you to send inexpensive and fast ADA donations to any part of the world. Consequently, more funds reach charitable foundations, which ensures effective fundraising.

Attract more donors

Being one of the leading cryptocurrencies on the market, ADA is widely used in various fields, including e-commerce, decentralized finance, remittances, investments, and even the agricultural sector. Take only the official Twitter of the cryptocurrency, which has more than 800,000 subscribers. Thus, by accepting ADA as donations, you not only support and strengthen the position of the project but also get the opportunity to attract thousands of benevolent people to your Great Cause. Moreover, Cardano is the cryptocurrency of choice for those users who are careful and not indifferent to the environment. Since the Cardano blockchain operates based on the most environmentally friendly consensus mechanism, all this allows us to conclude that the Cardano community are caring and supportive people who will be inspired to help those non-commercial organizations that accept ADA.

Investment opportunities

Cardano is recognized as one of the most actively developing platforms. So even at the initial stages of Cardano development, the developers have provided an extensive road map, which includes 5 phases, each of which brings several improvements aimed at making Cardano the most decentralized, scalable, and secure project. To date, Cardano already has most of the listed characteristics at a high level of development, which makes the project an incredibly tempting investment tool. In addition, a number of other improvements are expected in the future, each of which pushes the price of ADA up. Thus, non-commercial organizations can invest part of the ADA and profit from the price increase, which can then be used for various purposes: helping those in need, marketing, employee benefits, and so on.


Cardano cryptocurrency has long been one of the market leaders and has an extensive and dedicated community. The Cardano network allows you to make fast, inexpensive, and highly secure transactions, making it the most effective tool for fundraising. With NOWPayments, charities and other non-profit individuals can experience all the benefits of ADA donations for themselves.