Top 5 Shopify tips and tricks

Launched in 2006, Shopify is an online e-commerce platform with the intention of improving the online shopping experience for millions of users. With the help of the online e-commerce platform Shopify, businesses can build and manage their own digital stores and sell products online. Additionally, Shopify offers point-of-sale (POS) software for use in physical brick-and-mortar stores. 

Nearly 4 million online stores now work with Shopify, generating a subscription revenue of $366.4 million in the second quarter of 2022 alone. Let’s discuss this and other advantages that come with using Shopify and how you can further develop your online store with them.

Key points:

  • Shopify beats the competition by offering easy access, customizable templates, and payment processing. 
  • Experts advise you to optimize your website and promote it extensively to improve sales. 
  • You can also leverage crypto payments to attract new customers to your Shopify shop. 

Why you should try Shopify

Why you should try Shopify

Shopify has been a leader in the eCommerce industry, and there are several major reasons for their success. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages for businesses working with Shopify. 

The initial costs that go into launching an online store include software development, design, marketing, and servers where your store’s data will be stored. Shopify does away with this long and expensive process. All features are designed to be logical and intuitive. You can also find a wealth of written and visual instructions on the Shopify website. 

All software and hosting are covered by Shopify. This doesn’t only mean that you can launch fast with secure website hosting, but also that the platform has the capabilities to cover any unexpected spikes in traffic and software updates. You can focus on improving and selling your product instead of all the technicalities. 

Shopify also provides extra features like SEO tools, Shopify Payments, Shopify Shipping, and Shopify Markets. 

Shopify expert tips to boost your store

There are many different steps that can enhance the experience in your store and attract new customers. Let’s see what experts advise you to do to promote and improve your Shopify store. 

  • Take advantage of SEO. The best approach for Shopify SEO will be to optimize all the product pages first and then set up a blog and grow it with quality content and backlinks.
  • Use paid advertising. Organic growth can be steady but it’s usually slow. Promote your store with ads on websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram and blogs on topics related to your niche. 
  • Recover abandoned carts. Some customers leave products they want in the cart and you want to entice them to come back and finish their purchase. With Shopify, you get the luxury of using thousands of plugins, many of which are free. This includes a cart abandonment optimization.
  • Don’t forget to optimize individual product pages. A good product page is optimized for both excellent user experience and search engine rankings. Make use of eye-catching visuals, in-depth descriptions, and compelling calls to action.
  • Start accepting crypto payments. Cryptocurrency is a fast growing industry and its participants are usually educated young professional men. This is a market that is usually hard to reach but it’s possible with cryptocurrency.

How can I accept crypto payments?

NOWPayments allows users to accept payments, subscriptions, and donations in cryptocurrency. You can use their service to easily set up crypto payments that will be deposited straight into your crypto wallet. NOWPayments offers 50+ crypto coins and automatic conversions to the currency of your choice. 

The platform also works well with Shopify integration. To add the Shopify API, you need to sign up for a NOWPayments account, specify your wallet address, and generate an API key. Then you can go to your store to enable Shopify payments. 

How can I accept crypto payments?

Check out this article for detailed instructions on how to start accepting crypto payments on Shopify with NOWPayments.


Shopify is one of the best existing e-commerce platforms that allows small businesses to start selling products online quickly and easily. Follow the tips provided above and take your Shopify store’s success to the next level.