Accept crypto payments with Shopify Payment Gateway

NOWPayments is thrilled to announce: the Shopify payment gateway is ready and you can accept crypto on Shopify.

Start accepting crypto payments for your Shopify Store right now.


Installation Process

1. In your Shopify, go to Apps and find “Manage Private apps” at the bottom of the page.  

Shopify App Store
Shopify apps

2. Click “Create a private app”. If the option is disabled, enable it.

Shopify apps
Shopify private apps

3. Fill in the required details (the App name and developer’s email)

Shopify app development
Private app Name

4. Click on “Show inactive Admin API permissions”.

5. Give a “Read and Write” permission to Orders and click “Save”

Shopify API
Read and write Permissions
Shopify Shop App
Creating a private app

6. Copy the Example URL from the Admin API section.

Shopify API documentation
Shopify API

7. In your NOWPayments account, go to Account Settings and paste the Example URL from Shopify. 

8. Click “Connect to Shopify”, and the fields will fill in themselves.

Shopify API key
NOWPayments Account Settings

9. Сopy the “Additional Script”. 

10. Go back to Shopify Settings > Checkout > Order processing > Additional Scripts and paste the script (including the opening and closing tag </script> ). Click “Save”.

setting up a shopify store
Shopify settings
Shopify settings
Order Processing

11. Finally, go to Shopify Settings. Choose “Payment Providers” and scroll down to “Manual Payment Methods”. 

12. Add a Custom payment method called “Pay in crypto with NOWPayments” and Activate it.

Shopify payments
Custom payment methods
Pay with crypto
Edit Manual payment methods
Pay in crypto
Manual payment method Name

It is important to name the manual payment method “Pay in crypto with NOWPayments” so that it works.

That’s it! Now, you are ready to accept Shopify crypto payments.