How to get recurring payments with Baby Doge coin?

Being paid recurrently by clients instead of receiving one-time payments is a preferred way of operation for most companies. Regular payments facilitate the planning process and allow companies to have a better understanding of their resources and the ability to use them effectively. In order to maximize your chances of getting payments on a regular basis, you can expand the selection of payment methods available to clients. Cryptocurrencies such as Baby Doge are a great choice when it comes to adding yet another payment method to your arsenal. NOWPayments is a Baby Doge payment gateway enabling businesses and individuals to accept Baby Doge payments.

How get recurring payments with Baby Doge coin?

Key points

What is Baby Doge crypto?

Unlike other meme tokens on the market, which were simply inspired by the doge meme, Baby Doge was designed specifically for Doge meme fans across the world. The mission of Baby Doge is to become a true people’s coin and judging by the fact that it has over one million holders it is approaching this goal by leaps and bounds. Baby Doge is an innovative token, as it provides unique features, such as its 5% tax levied on all Baby Doge crypto transactions. The profit made from the tax is then shared among all Baby Doge coin holders. Thus, Baby Doge offers a real opportunity to have a source of passive income.

Pros and cons of BabyDoge payments

Numerous merchants already use Baby Doge as a means of payment. They use Baby Doge because it has qualities that make it a convenient and useful solution. Still, just like any currency, it also has its downsides. Here is an overview of the key advantages and disadvantages of Baby Doge.




BabyDoge transactions are peer-to-peer, meaning that they involve only two parties, you and your client. When you accept BabyDoge payments, you do not interact with any third parties such as banks or similar services.

There are no intermediaries on the blockchain, so you can be certain that your money will not get stuck due to the bank blocking the transaction.

Quick and reliable

Quick and reliable

Another advantage of BabyDoge being peer-to-peer is the incredibly fast cross-border transactions. Thanks to BabyDoge, you can accept payments from clients from abroad in a relaxed and quick way.

BabyDoge does not impose any restrictions on users based on their country of residence. Subsequently, people can transfer the BabyDoge coin freely and in a matter of minutes across the entire globe.



BabyDoge crypto transactions cannot be reversed once they are finalized on the blockchain. This is because there is no chargeback option.

Thus, businesses that use BabyDoge do not worry about their money being stolen from them by criminals abusing the chargeback tool. Businesses can always credit BabyDoge back to the client’s address if there are genuine grounds for conducting a refund.


Transaction tax

As mentioned above, BabyDoge imposes a 5% tax on all transactions. On the one hand, it benefits holders and enables them to earn passive income. On the other hand, it adds an extra cost to BabyDoge transactions, which may not sit well with some people. Still, the tax won’t affect the experience much and can be quite negligible when making smaller transactions.

How do I accept BabyDoge as recurring payment?

NOWPayments’ Recurring Invoicing tool allows businesses, services, and individuals to send Recurring Invoices in Baby Doge and other cryptocurrencies to any number of users worldwide. It enables you to choose the frequency with which your clients get Recurring invoices by email, requesting them to pay.

You have the option of customizing individual invoices or applying the same parameters to an entire batch of invoices. Invoices can be canceled at any moment. You can also use NOWPayments’ auto-conversion tool to automatically convert BabyDoge payments you receive to fiat.

Use NOWPayments’ Recurring Invoices feature to get started. Here are the guidelines:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account.
  2. Provide your payout address.
  3. Use the Recurring Invoicing API (read the detailed instruction here).
  4. Set up a recurring payments plan.


Recurring Invoicing is an excellent solution for accepting regular payments from clients. Utilize the Recurring Invoicing tool to get paid in BabyDoge.

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