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NOWPayments Crypto Custody

As cryptocurrencies become increasingly integral to modern business, ensuring their secure and efficient management is paramount. NOWPayments introduces its Crypto Custody solution, tailored to meet the demands of today’s enterprises. This service combines top-tier security with ease of use, offering businesses a streamlined way to handle their crypto assets, from reception to conversion and withdrawal. Here’s why your business should integrate NOWPayments Crypto Custody.

Comprehensive Fund Management

NOWPayments Crypto Custody is a turnkey solution enabling businesses to receive, store, convert, and withdraw cryptocurrency seamlessly. It provides a single platform for managing your entire financial flow, ensuring streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.

Unmatched Security with Crypto Custody

Security is a top priority at NOWPayments. The custody service employs a combination of hot and cold storage to balance accessibility and security. Funds are protected with robust risk control measures, including authorized IP addresses, authorized wallet withdrawals, and two-factor authentication (2FA). This ensures that your assets are safe from unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

Efficient Asset Control

With NOWPayments Crypto Custody, businesses can enjoy off-chain conversions, allowing for instant fund conversion without network fees. This feature helps minimize transaction costs, as fees are only incurred during withdrawals. Additionally, businesses have complete control over all transactions, with no chargebacks or refunds.

Boost Profitability

NOWPayments Crypto Custody offers several features to enhance profitability:

  • Instant Onboarding: Set up your account in less than a minute, with no initial investments or maintenance costs.
  • Mass Payouts: Execute large-scale transactions efficiently for cashback, airdrops, or affiliate rewards.
  • Fiat Settlement: Withdraw traditional fiat currency directly to your bank account while enabling crypto payments for customers.
  • Low Fees: Start with a 0.5% deposit fee and withdraw funds without service costs.

Global Reach and Support

Serve a global customer base with support for over 300 cryptocurrencies and seamless cross-border transactions. NOWPayments provides 24/7 customer support to assist with integration and ongoing operations, ensuring a smooth experience for your business.

Join thousands of partners worldwide who trust NOWPayments for their cryptocurrency transactions. Our mission is to foster the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing a trusted and seamless platform for all your financial needs.

How to Get Started with NOWPayments Crypto Custody

  1. Create your account. Set up your NOWPayments account and obtain a unique API key. This process takes less than a minute.
  2. Activate custody. Navigate to Profile settings and enable the Custody feature. Whitelist your withdrawal wallets and IP addresses.
  3. Start accepting payments Begin receiving deposits to your custody balance. Monitor your funds and transactions through your account dashboard.

Crypto Custody FAQ

  1. What is crypto custody?
    Crypto custody refers to third-party services for storing and securing cryptocurrencies. It involves safeguarding large amounts of tokens, ensuring asset protection, and regulatory compliance.
  2. Which financial operations are available within Custody?
    NOWPayments’ crypto custody includes:
    Deposits: Customer funds sent to your custody balance.
    Conversions: Convert funds within your custody balance.
    Transfers: Move funds between accounts.
    Withdrawals: Withdraw to crypto wallets or bank accounts.
  3. What security measures are in place for Custody?
    NOWPayments ensures security with:
    Whitelisting: Only authorized IP addresses and wallets can initiate withdrawals.
    2FA Verification: Optional two-factor authentication for added security.
  4. How can I start accepting crypto with NOWPayments?
    Create an account on the NOWPayments website.
    Add your preferred crypto wallet.
    Generate an IPN secret key for callbacks and use your API key for integration.
  5. Which coins are supported by NOWPayments?
    NOWPayments supports over 300 cryptocurrencies and is open to adding more based on user suggestions.
  6. How to choose the best payment gateways for custody?
    Consider the provider’s establishment, market duration, security, fees, checkout process, supported currencies, and customer support quality. This will help you choose the right payment gateway for crypto custody.