Where in North America & the Caribbean crypto payments are legal

Cryptocurrencies are taking over the world by storm. Practically all countries on the planet recognize the role of cryptocurrencies in the economy of the future and have made efforts to address it. The region of North America & the Caribbean is among the pioneering ones in terms of cryptocurrency adoption. Countries such as the United States and Canada are at the forefront of crypto innovation, so it is particularly interesting to explore what other countries in the region have to offer to the crypto community. 

Key points:

  • Countries in North America mostly allow citizens to use cryptocurrencies.
  • Businesses such as H-Town Donuts and Elektra accept crypto payments.
  • NOWPayments enables companies to set up a crypto payment gateway.

Is crypto legal in North America and the Caribbean?

United States of America

United States of America and crypto payments

As mentioned, the United States of America is the world’s biggest crypto market. Therefore, cryptocurrencies and DeFi projects are completely legal there. Moreover, there is a host of laws and rules which strictly regulate cryptocurrencies in the United States. This is why a myriad of crypto businesses decide to register their enterprises in the United States.


Mexico and crypto payments

The situation in Mexico is similar to that in the United States. Basically, cryptocurrencies are not recognized as legal tender in the country. Yet, their use is allowed, which means that crypto coins can be utilized by Mexican residents as a means of payment and transmission of value.


Canada and crypto payments

Cryptocurrencies are absolutely legal in Canada. In fact, the government recognizes Bitcoin and other similar digital currencies as legitimate investment assets. So, Canadian citizens, irrespective of which province they live in, can purchase, sell, and trade their cryptocurrency. The Canadian government also offers favorable legal conditions for crypto projects.


Guatemala and crypto payments

Contrary to common belief, cryptocurrencies are not illegal in Guatemala. In reality, cryptocurrencies are simply not under the supervision and inspection of the Superintendency of Banks in Guatemala. So, locals are still free to trade cryptocurrencies, only that they can do it at their own risk.


Cuba and crypto payments

Cuba has strict rules when it comes to its economy. At the same time, local residents are not prohibited from using cryptocurrencies. To do that, they will only need to obtain a special license. Once they have the official document, they can use any cryptocurrency, and in ways they deem appropriate.


Haiti and crypto payments

Haiti is one of those countries which has not yet responded to the rise of cryptocurrencies. Basically, in Haiti, cryptocurrencies are not regulated in any manner. This means that cryptocurrencies remain a legal asset, and people are allowed to use them. It is likely that in the coming years, the issue with cryptocurrencies in the country will be addressed.

The Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic and crypto payments

The Dominican Republic also does not recognize cryptocurrencies as legal tender. Nevertheless, this does not affect the status of cryptocurrencies as legal. In other words, the citizens of the country are allowed to own cryptocurrencies, only that their holdings will not be backed by the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic.


Honduras and crypto payments

Honduras is one of the pioneering countries in terms of crypto utilization. Basically, the country has a special economic zone called Honduras Prospera which adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. The zone covers parts of the Roatan island and the city of La Ceiba on the Atlantic Coast.

El Salvador

El Salvador and crypto payments

El Salvador currently holds the title of the only country in the world which made Bitcoin its legal tender. Essentially, in El Salvador, all consumers are allowed to use Bitcoin practically in all transactions on par with the US dollar. This means that stores and other businesses, as well as state organizations, must accept Bitcoin as payment.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica and crypto payments

In 2017, the Central Bank of Costa Rica stated that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were not considered currencies. In other words, cryptocurrencies are not backed by the country’s law and therefore cannot be traded on Costa Rica’s national payment system. Still, citizens of the country can purchase and sell their crypto.


Panama and crypto payments

Panama’s government recently approved a bill which would make it the second country in the world to make crypto a legal tender. Essentially, the new law would allow Panama’s residents to pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar, and XRP for goods. Although the law was approved, it still needs to be signed by the president.


Jamaica and crypto payments

Jamaica is also taking steps towards a crypto-powered future. Recently, the Bank of Jamaica made central bank digital currency (CBDC) a legal tender in the country. The move was motivated by the desire of the Jamaican government to have an alternative to its cash-based economy. It is possible that in the near future, the country will adopt additional cryptocurrencies.

Places accepting crypto in North America & the Caribbean

H-Town Donuts

H-Town Donuts

H-Town Donuts is a family-owned donut shop in Texas. Apart from donuts, the store serves Kolaches, Tacos, Croissants, and Biscuits made fresh daily. The shop is extremely crypto-friendly, so it accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, H-Town Donut offers Rain Tokens, NFTs that can be purchased by anyone. Each token is worth 10 dozen Glazed donuts of rain. So, anyone can redeem the token and receive their donuts.

Toronto Brewing

Toronto Brewing

Toronto Brewing is one of the biggest homebrew supply stores in Canada. It is the place Canadians go to get the best beer brewing equipment and ingredients. The company has more than 1500 items in stock, so everyone will find something relevant for them there. Toronto Brewing accepts Bitcoin payments for all of its products. Additionally, clients can pay with their Ether.



Elektra is a nationwide chain of supermarkets and banking services that recently began accepting Bitcoin as a viable payment option. Moreover, the company started offering a 20% discount on purchases with Bitcoin. Elektra uses BitPay to process its Bitcoin transactions which make the process more convenient for both the company and consumers. The company has a truly massive size since it operates hundreds of stores in Mexico.

Adra Hostel

Adra Hostel

Adra Hostel is a hostel in Guatemala that accepts Bitcoin. The hotel began offering Bitcoin as a payment option after hosting a community meet-up. Since Ada Hostel is oriented towards digital nomads, it did not struggle with finding clients. The owners of the hostel say that the employees also receive Bitcoin tips from clients. So, when you visit Guatemala, you now know where to stay.

Ana’s on the Beach

Ana’s on the Beach

Ana’s on the Beach is an incredible restaurant located by the Caribbean Sea in Antigua and Barbuda. People can visit it for lunch, tapas, or dinner and experience the taste of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean cuisines. The restaurant has Pink Happy Hours lasting from 5 pm to 7 pm, during which visitors can get to know flavorful, creative, and colorful cocktails, a great ambiance, amazing view, and a breathtaking sunset.

La Colina

La Colina

Hotel La Colina is a cozy hotel in Costa Rica that is perched on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The hotel has everything a tourist needs. It offers amazing Ocean View and Jungle View Rooms. Moreover, all rooms have: AC, Wi-Fi and come with a traditional Tico breakfast. La Colina also has a steak house where people can taste delicious meals made by the local chef.

Amber Moon Panama

Amber Moon Panama

Whenever you find yourself in Panama and wish to get a taxi with Bitcoin, Amber Moon is your choice. The taxi service offers 24/7 Airport pick-ups, drop-offs, tours, and more. It is also perfect for groups of travelers since Amber Moon can accommodate groups of up to 20 people and luggage per bus.

Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort

Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort

Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort, located in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, is a modern hotel and resort that features Nicaragua’s largest skateboard park, water slide, and splash pad water park. Additionally, tourists can enjoy a skateboard shop, rock climbing wall, private gym, volleyball court, billiards table, and world-class restaurant & bar. The Surf Ranch offers many extreme sports and activities such as surfing, skateboarding, sailing, fishing, yoga, rock climbing, and more.

Jonesville Point Marina

Jonesville Point Marina

Jonesville Point Marina is a small, intimate resort marina nestled on the shore of picturesque Jonesville Point Bight in Nicaragua. It caters to island vacationers and ocean sailors looking for a private and uncrowded retreat away from the populated tourist area.

Permanent Waves El Zonte

Permanent Waves El Zonte

Permanent Waves El Zonte is located on the Salvadoran coast, 45 minutes from El Salvador International Airport. It is the ultimate place for your next vacation, surrounded by natural rocks and extensive volcanic sand beaches, where you can surf waves. There, you also can take surf lessons on an impressive beach break and do yoga while enjoying the sea breeze.

How to accept crypto payments in North America & the Caribbean

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Crypto payments are popular among businesses in North America and the Caribbean. NOWPayments helps businesses to feature crypto payments.