How to send salaries in XRP

The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies leads to the fact that many business owners are introducing various ways of interacting with digital assets. Often, business owners choose in favor of the top 10 cryptocurrencies since they are highly reliable and popular. One of these is XRP, which allows you to significantly reduce transaction costs, increase the efficiency of financial transactions, as well as get rid of a large number of intermediaries.

Key points:

  • XRP is one of the leaders of payment crypto.
  • XRP salaries can boost companies’ efficiency and reduce expenses.
  • NOWPayments allows companies to send XRP salaries.

What are Ripple and XRP crypto?

What are Ripple and XRP crypto?

XRP is a decentralized protocol specially designed for cheap and fast transactions. Based on the current performance, crypto experts suggest that XRP can revolutionize the international payment industry. One crucial factor that makes XRP unique is its focus on the financial sector. As a result, XRP is a regular participant in the top 10 digital currencies by capitalization.

Simply put, XRP Ledger is a platform for money transfers, gross settlements, and currency exchange. It was created by Ripple Labs Inc. back in 2012 to provide the cheapest and fastest transactions for international transfers. Many experts call the XRP payment system a breakthrough since the platform allows transactions in both XRP and fiat currency. Moreover, it is considered one of the most scalable and fastest decentralized platforms for sending and accepting crypto payments.

Why should I send salaries in XRP?

Rocket-fast transactions

Rocket-fast transactions

What kind of employee is happy about a salary delay? A question with an obvious answer. Practice shows that sending wages via bank transfers is an inefficient idea. Sometimes employees face delays that are calculated not just in hours but in days.

All this negatively affects the relationship between the employer and employee and lowers work motivation. On the other hand, cryptocurrency allows you to send payments 24/7/365. That is, regardless of day or night, weekday or weekend, you can always be sure that the funds sent reach the recipient in a matter of seconds.

In addition, XRP transactions are characterized by incredibly high processing speed. The bandwidth of the XRP Ledger is 1,500 TPS with an average transaction settlement of 4 seconds.


Security and XRP crypto

XRP Ledger is the leader among decentralized platforms in terms of demand for money transfers. All this is due to the first-class level of network security. XRP Ledger uses an innovative Federated Consensus mechanism, within which all verified transactions can be processed without a single point of failure since no validator makes a decision independently.

In addition, anyone can become a validator in XRP Ledger, which positively affects the decentralization and security of the network.

Low fees

XRP has low fees

High transaction fees of banks are a headache for all business owners. A huge number of intermediaries are involved in processing a bank transaction, which imposes their fees. That is why sending salaries to employees via bank transfers eats up the lion’s share of the company’s profits.

Business owners are switching to cryptocurrency because it allows them to send payments with a minimum of intermediaries and fees. In addition, the transaction fee in XRP Ledger is negligible. For a transaction, the user must pay only 0.00001 XRP, which is no more than a fraction of a cent. And the funds saved on the fees can be spent on various bonuses and incentives that will increase employee motivation and make your business flourish.

Borderless payments

Borderless payments

We live in an era of globalization. Almost any business enters the international market and attracts foreign employees to its team. While overseas employees significantly increase the efficiency of business processes, it also adds extra work for business owners when it comes to paying salaries.

Paying salaries to foreign employees obliges you to create multiple bank accounts and study regulations in various jurisdictions. On the other hand, cryptocurrency was designed to erase these frames. Blockchain allows you to send a salary anywhere in the world in seconds. Thus, a business that operates in the USA can easily send the wages to an employee from Portugal and not worry about delays, high fees, and other bank-related issues.

Privacy and transparency

Privacy and transparency with XRP crypto

The uniqueness of cryptocurrency is that it allows you to increase both the transparency and privacy of your business processes. On the one hand, transparency of financial transactions allows for avoiding potential conflicts. After all, all transactions are recorded in an immutable registry.

On the other hand, to send a salary, you do not need to enter your employees’ sensitive data, thereby protecting their privacy. Instead, you just need to know the employee’s wallet address.

So how can I pay people with XRP?

To send salaries in the XRP crypto, you must use the Mass Payouts feature. Here is a guide on how you can enable NOWPayments’ Mass Payouts to send XRP coin salaries:

  • Create a NOWPayments account.
  • Navigate to the settings and generate an API key.
So how can I pay people with XRP?
  • Set up the Custody feature in the Dashboard. Check out this article for more details.
  • After you set up Mass Payments, deposit your cryptocurrency into your account.
  • Navigate to the Custody section and click the “Create Mass payout” button.
  • Upload the .csv file with the wallet addresses and the amount you want them to receive.
  • Click “Proceed”.
  • NOWPayments will send all these payments to the recipients automatically.


NOWPayments is a cost-effective crypto payment provider that allows you to send XRP salaries and simplifies the financial processes of businesses.

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