Ripple Point-of-Sale

Businesses choose to accept cryptocurrencies because they expect crypto payments to bring additional benefits and utility. As a result, crypto companies are always selecting the coins which offer the best terms, such as fast transactions and low fees. XRP is the coin that was built for quick and cheap money transfers, and it is practically ideal for online payments. A Point-of-Sale terminal is a perfect solution for accepting Ripple payments which enables merchants to maximize their profits.

Key Points:

Ripple Point of Sale
  • XRP’s main advantages include fast and low-cost transactions.
  • Merchants can deploy a PoS terminal to offer XRP as a payment method to clients.
  • NOWPayments’ Point-of-Sale system can be deployed free of charge and on any device.

Make Ripple payments easy

Make Ripple payments easy

Accepting crypto can be a tall order for companies that have not had any prior experience with digital assets. Nevertheless, the heavy presence of cryptocurrencies in the economy is hard to ignore, and companies need to keep up with modern times to avoid becoming left behind. Businesses can implement already existing solutions which have an intuitive interface and work to facilitate the process of accepting crypto payments. NOWPayments’ Point-of-Sale terminal is the solution that satisfies both of these criteria. NOWPayments’ PoS terminal lets companies accept XRP and dozens of other tokens in two steps. Merchants only need to enter the sum of the order and choose the coin their customer wants to pay in.

For all businesses!

NOWPayments’ PoS terminal is a solution available to every enterprise irrespective of its geographic position, annual EBITDA, and size. The free-of-charge distribution is what makes NOWPayments’ PoS system attractive. Some crypto payment processors ask their partner businesses to pay for a subscription to accept crypto transactions. NOWPayments lets its partners deploy any amount of PoS terminals at no cost whatsoever.

Moreover, the NOWPayments XRP Point-of-Sale terminal does not involve buying and setting any physical equipment. NOWPayments’ PoS terminal is entirely web-based and can be accessed through a link, which makes it convenient to use for any business on the planet.

NOWPayments PoS features

NOWPayments PoS features

Ripple Point-of-Sale system from NOWPayments has several cool features:

The system automatically converts the sum of the order to the crypto of your choice, be it XRP or any other coin.

The terminal lets merchants accept more than 100 digital assets simultaneously.

The PoS solution produces crypto invoices that have QR codes that your clients can scan to pay you in XRP.

NOWPayments’ PoS terminal offers the lowest processing fees on the market. NOWPayments charges as little as 0.4% for transactions.

Moreover, NOWPayments guarantees instant payouts to its partners. Every payment processed through the PoS system gets sent to the partner’s crypto address immediately.

NOWPayments’ PoS terminal can be opened in any browser on any device, including a mobile phone, laptop, and even tablet.


XRP is the main currency used by the Ripple project. XRP has low transaction fees and boasts an incredible speed of transfers. Merchants can accept XRP using a PoS terminal from NOWPayments. The PoS solution is free to deploy and provides instant payouts.