How to pay salaries in Volt Inu crypto

Volt Inu is a lovely little token with huge ambitions. It is one of few coins on the market that utilizes hyper-deflationary mechanics to generate value for users. What’s more, Volt Inu offers extra utility by investing in different assets, including NFTs. The ultimate goal of Volt Inu is to achieve continuous price growth of its native token VOLT. The multi-chain nature of Volt, as well as its sizable investment potential, enable VOLT to be a solid means of salary payments. Businesses can pay their employees in VOLT with the help of NOWPayments.

How to pay salaries in Volt Inu crypto

Key points:

  • VOLT is focused on reducing its total supply to drive the asset’s price higher.
  • VOLT salaries are convenient, borderless, and can serve as a proper investment.
  • Use the Mass Payments feature to send salaries and bonuses in VOLT.

What is Volt Inu token?

Volt Inu ($VOLT) is a hyper-deflationary token with the goal of investing in different asset types. Such investments ensure diversification that reduces risk while taking advantage of the potential non-correlated growth of trending assets. All the gains from treasury investments are used to purchase back and burn $VOLT tokens. Thus, VOLT maintains the deflationary process that is constant.

Why should I send salaries in Volt Inu?

Quick processing

Volt Inu is fast

VOLT can relieve firms of the need to deal with onerous paperwork, which goes hand in hand with standard salary payment solutions, including bank transfers. Excessive paperwork, as well as the inherent mechanics of traditional payment solutions, complicate the process of sending payments, which results in delays.

VOLT can help companies to overcome this problem by providing them with a rapid salary payment option. VOLT coin transactions are processed in a matter of a couple of minutes, while NOWPayments’ Mass Payouts feature lets you send VOLT Inu crypto transactions in bulk. Thus, you can significantly reduce the time spent on paying out salaries.

Borderless salaries

Volt Inu let's you have borderless salaries

Whenever you use VOLT as a means of salary payments, you are not subject to any kind of geographic or jurisdictional restrictions. This means that you are capable of sending VOLT across the entire world without suffering any impact on the cost or speed of transactions.

VOLT is an ideal salary payment method for firms that have many employees working abroad. There is no need to set up separate accounts for each country where your workers reside, as you can make all the necessary payouts by simply using your NOWPayments account and VOLT address.

It is convenient

Volt Inu is convenient

VOLT is an extremely convenient solution for paying out salaries, as it has no limits on how much you can send and how often you can do it. In fact, you are allowed to transfer any number of coins to any number of recipients. The recipients can always convert VOLT to any currency of their choice.

Additionally, setting up VOLT payments on NOWPayments takes no more than 5 minutes, so you can send your first VOLT salary today without any problem. You can also customize and change your payment parameters, by including and excluding addresses, as well as adjusting the payment amounts.

Investment potential

Investment potential with Volt Inu

As it was described above, VOLT is a hyper-deflationary coin. As a result, its scarcity is steadily increasing which causes its price to go up. Although it is impossible to guess how much VOLT will cost in the near future, one can see that the team behind the project does deliver on their promise to burn VOLT, thus contributing to the reduction of its supply.

The investment potential of VOLT Inu crypto makes it a viable bonus payment option. Basically, you can pay VOLT to your employees as a bonus, hoping that one day the coin’s price will increase significantly and the employees will be able to sell it at a profit.

I want to pay employees with VOLT crypto. How?

NOWPayments is a Volt Inu payment gateway that enables businesses to both accept and send payments in VOLT. 

In order to pay out salaries in Volt Inu you will need to turn on the Balances feature in your NOWPayments account. Here are the steps you have to complete:

  1. Register a NOWPayments account
  2. Provide your VOLT token payout address on BNB Smart Chain
How to send Mass Payouts in Volt crypto
  1. Go to the “Custody” section.
How to send Mass Payouts in Volt crypto
  1. Read the Custody Solution user agreement, agree to the terms, and press “Continue.”
How to send Mass Payouts in Volt crypto
  1. Provide your IP address, which you plan to use to send salaries, check the box to agree to the Custody Solution terms, and press “Continue.”
How to send Mass Payouts in Volt crypto
  1. You may be shown a page saying that the Balances feature is temporarily unavailable for you, but it will be removed in a couple of minutes.
How to send Mass Payouts in Volt crypto
  1. Once the system is ready to process your transactions, it will show you the following page:
How to send Mass Payouts in Volt crypto
  1. Now, you will be able to pay out salaries in VOLT by uploading a .csv file.


Volt Inu is a great choice for sending salaries. NOWPayments helps businesses to send VOLT salaries in bulk using the Mass Payments feature.

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