How do charities benefit from Volt Inu token?

Volt Inu’s main feature is the provision of every VOLT investor with an opportunity to benefit from the project by simply holding the token. The Volt Inu coin invests in a wide variety of assets such as NFTs and altcoins, distributing the returns among the VOLT holders. This makes Volt Inu one of the most lucrative projects to be involved in. At the same time, Volt Inu has an awesome community that, on many occasions, has demonstrated its charitable nature and willingness to give and help those in need. Thus, charities that are seeking crypto funding, definitely need to consider getting donations in VOLT. They can do it using NOWPayments’ Volt coin donation tools.

How do charities benefit from Volt Inu token?

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What kind of charities will especially benefit from VOLT?


Animal charities can benefit from Volt crypto

Organizations for the conservation and revival of endangered species do extremely important work by preventing more animals from being wiped off the face of the earth. During the current situation on the planet, when climate change has become one of the most pressing issues for humanity, animal welfare organizations take it upon themselves to safeguard animals and help them adapt to new conditions.

Save the Elephants is a notable animal charity that focuses on helping elephants and sustaining the ecological integrity of the places they live in. This organization can begin accepting VOLT donations to secure additional funding.


Healthcare charities can benefit from Volt crypto

Access to high-quality medical care remains a topical issue for most people on the planet. Medical charities are working towards restoring healthcare quality and justice, bringing every person on the planet an opportunity to be healthy and receive much-needed assistance whenever they need it.

VOLT can enable medical charities to gain necessary donations quickly because VOLT transactions take no more than a couple of minutes. Thus, charities using VOLT can swiftly get the money they need and then put it to use by saving someone’s life. Health & Help is a charity specializing in building clinics to provide care for patients across the globe that should give a thought to deploying VOLT donations.


As previously noted, today, we are facing a myriad of environmental concerns, among which climate change especially stands out. Luckily, there are organizations that work to address these problems or at least mitigate the consequences for the people and wildlife.

Environmental charities can benefit from Volt crypto

Such charities can utilize VOLT donations as a way to receive funding quickly in any part of the world. Unlike mainstream solutions, such as bank transfers, which take days to reach the recipient, VOLT transactions are quick at all times. This means that environmental nonprofits operating in the most remote areas of the planet will have a chance to receive VOLT, as long as they have an internet connection. Greenpeace is, perhaps, the most notable example of an environmental charity. Greenpeace can accept crypto donations using VOLT and thus experience no issues with receiving funds anywhere in the world.


Educational charities can benefit from Volt crypto

Education is, probably, the second most important thing in the life of every individual after health. Global literacy has been rising steadily over the past century, and to a large extent, it was due to the tireless work of educational nonprofits. It is the duty of every educated person to contribute to the provision of universal education for everyone.

United World Schools is a charity you can donate to support its work in the poorest regions. United World Schools offers free, accessible, quality primary education to children from some of the most remote and marginalized areas in the world. It is another charity that can benefit from the borderless transactions of VOLT.

Hunger relief

Hunger relief charities can benefit from Volt crypto

Unfortunately, humanity is yet to find an effective and low-cost way of addressing hunger in the world. This is why it is crucial that charities providing food aid in developing economies have enough funding. World Central Kitchen is an active food charity helping to prevent hunger across the world. The quick transactions of VOLT that take mere minutes can enable World Central Kitchen to avoid delays and get funds in an expedited way.

Why VOLT crypto donations are a great choice?

Global peer-to-peer donations

Global peer-to-peer donations

Charities need to continuously grow their funding in order to provide assistance in as many situations as possible. The most common way of securing more funding is providing a larger number of donors with an easy way to make a donation. This causes charities to go global and offer people across the world to donate to them.

Yet, the mainstream donation methods impose restrictions on every kind of money transfer. For instance, they may prohibit people in certain countries from sending money to foreign organizations. Therefore, in order to avoid such challenges, charities need to utilize solutions capable of making the option of sending donations universal. VOLT is one such method because it is fully peer-to-peer. Essentially, VOLT donations can be sent to and from anywhere in the world without any extra charges and in a short period of time.


Charities are well-aware of the fact that some people like to keep their financial activities confidential. For example, many celebrities prefer to donate to charities privately, so as not to give the media any info for speculation. Therefore, charities that want to maximize their funding have to feature an option of making anonymous donations.


VOLT transactions are anonymous by nature because the blockchain technology powering them is decentralized. Subsequently, there are no KYC procedures of any sort involved here. VOLT does not ask users to disclose their identities. People can donate in VOLT safely and privately at all times.



The VOLT Inu community, as mentioned above, can be called one of the most giving out there. VOLT holders support a variety of great causes and fund organizations that make a positive impact on the planet. Charities can benefit from such a giving community by setting up VOLT donations.

Additionally, every instance of an organization accepting VOLT donations creates a new use case for the VOLT token, raising awareness about this asset among the public. Subsequently, VOLT donations are beneficial for every stakeholder.


Charities must maintain transparency in order to keep the public and their donors, in particular, in the know about everything the charity is doing with the funding it receives. Perfect transparency can be achieved through the use of auditing services, which are usually quite costly.


An absolutely free alternative to it is cryptocurrencies. Every cryptocurrency transaction gets saved and stored on the blockchain. The information about these transactions, as well as users’ crypto addresses, is available to the public. Thus, if charities decide to share their crypto addresses with their donors, they will subsequently offer them a chance to monitor all of the transactions made and received by the charity. This can significantly boost the organization’s transparency.

How to accept VOLT crypto donations

NOWPayments is a VOLT payments gateway that processes both payments and donations in the VOLT crypto. The service offers extra convenience to its partners and their clients, enabling them to greatly facilitate the entire process of accepting cryptocurrencies. In order to deploy VOLT token donations, you can use one of the three tools:


NOWPayments provides charities with reliable and low-cost tools to accept VOLT donations.

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