How to benefit from FEG donations

FEG, aka Feed Every Gorilla, is a cryptocurrency with one of the most creative names in the game. Although FEG is a relatively new asset on the market, it already has a massive community of dedicated fans who hold and use large sums of FEG. The coin has a variety of use cases, but there are still not that many people who accept FEG donations. So, everyone has an opportunity to become an early adopter of FEG donations. Influencers such as streamers and bloggers can particularly benefit from accepting FEG. NOWPayments provides all tools for deploying a FEG donation gateway.

How to benefit from FEG donations

Key Points:

  • FEG is a coin deployed both on Ethereum and BSC.
  • FEG donations are fast and can deliver a good yield.
  • NOWPayments lets people accept FEG donations.

What is FEG?

The FEG token is the utility currency of the FEG ecosystem, which powers projects such as FEGex, a decentralized exchange platform. FEG token operates both on the Ethereum blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain network. Initially, 200 quadrillion FEG tokens were minted, 100Q on Ethereum and 100Q and Binance Smart Chain. As of February 2022, the circulating supply of FEG tokens on each network was lower than 50 quadrillion coins.

Why should I choose FEG donations?

  • The ability to generate passive income
  • Good yield on investment
  • Borderless transactions
  • Fast transfers

Passive income

Passive income

All FEG transactions entail a 2% fee, one half of which gets distributed among all FEG holders. Thus, those people who decide to keep FEG in their wallets receive new coins each time a FEG transaction takes place. Basically, FEG guarantees a passive income to all users. That is why FEG is an ideal asset for people sticking to a long-term crypto investment strategy. And what can be a better way to get your hands on FEG than thorough donations? By getting FEG donations and keeping them, you will be able to grow your FEG investment.

Growing value

The FEG token has a deflationary nature which makes it a really lucrative asset. The total supply of the FEG coin is continuously going down, while the demand for it is rising. As a result, the price of the token has a good chance of going up. All FEG transactions entail a 1% burn rate, so the total supply of the coin is expected to decrease quickly. By receiving donations in FEG, people get a coin with considerable growth potential. Besides, the FEG ecosystem is still rapidly developing and therefore offers many prospects for investors wishing to capitalize on the hot asset that can deliver good yields.

Global transactions

Global transactions

FEG transactions are also global, which means that they can be sent from anywhere and to anywhere in the world without any barriers. Moreover, there is even no need to undergo any verification processes or disclose one’s identity. This feature of FEG significantly facilitates donating.

Quick transactions

Finally, compared to the traditional donation methods, FEG transactions are rather fast. The speed of the transaction always stays the same no matter the distance between the sender and the recipient. So, if you want to receive fast donations, FEG is your choice.

So… how to accept FEG?

There are several ways of accepting FEG donations. Twitch streamers can use a crypto donations button which makes the process of sending a FEG donation easy.

Influencers who have their own websites or blogs, such as writers and musicians, can deploy a FEG payments widget.

Influencers who are popular on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and other similar platforms can receive FEG donations using a simple link.


FEG is a perfect cryptocurrency for donating to other people. NOWPayments’ tools such as widgets, links, and buttons enable people to accept FEG donations.