Why pay salaries in Klever

More companies are recognizing the benefits of paying salaries in crypto. Moreover, many employees, especially those well familiar with the crypto industry, are happily embracing this trend and often encourage their employers to pay them in digital assets. It is impossible to deny that in the past year, cryptocurrencies experienced a real renaissance, so the demand for crypto among people is quite high. By offering crypto salaries, businesses can provide their employees with an additional incentive and reward for their hard work. Klever is the perfect cryptocurrency for the purposes of salaries and other types of remuneration. NOWPayments offers its Mass Payments feature to businesses that wish to utilize crypto salaries.

Key Points:

  • KLV fuels the Klever ecosystem.
  • KLV salaries are fast, efficient, inexpensive, and borderless.
  • NOWPayments’ Mass Payments solution can be used to send KLV salaries.

What is Klever (KLV)?

Klever is the native cryptocurrency of the Klever ecosystem, which powers its products and services. Specifically, KLV is used as part of Klever Wallet and Klever Exchange. Essentially, the primary role of KLV is to function as a fuel. For instance, all of the transactions in the Klever ecosystem are directly or indirectly carried out with KLV.

Benefits of paying salaries in KLV

Low Fees

Low Fees

It is no surprise for anyone that companies go to great lengths to reduce their expenses and maximize profits. Nevertheless, there have always been costs such as bank fees which traditionally were impossible to bring down despite them being a major source of concern for entrepreneurs. Yet, KLV provides a solution to this problem. By using KLV to pay salaries, companies can significantly reduce their fee expenses since KLV transactions, on average, do not cost more than 0.1$.

Fast Speed

Companies often lose a lot of time waiting for their money transfers to get processed. As a result of delays in bank operations, businesses encounter problems. The issue of slow bank transfers also affects the process of paying out salaries. Yet, blockchain can fix the problem of slow transactions. KLV transactions are nearly instant and take only several seconds since the coin is deployed on the efficient Tron network. Thus, KLV can help businesses to send salaries to their employee in a faster way.



KLV salaries also can provide your employees with the privacy which they may desire due to different reasons. All KLV transactions are anonymous. Basically, to start using KLV, one does not need to undergo any authentication or verification. That is why, when sending KLV transactions, both the sender and recipient can be certain of their privacy. So, if you have employees who are particularly concerned about their confidentiality, you should definitely offer them an option of a KLV salary.

Unique employee value proposition

KLV salaries are also a great selling point for your company. By bringing crypto salaries to your enterprise, you will be able to attract many amazing professionals interested in the idea of receiving cryptocurrency as remuneration. After all, who would refuse to work for a company which is so progressive that it lets employees receive salaries in crypto.

Borderless transactions

Finally, KLV salaries should be your go-to option if you have employees working abroad. KLV transactions are borderless, unlike bank transfers. This means that KLV transactions get processed instantly, no matter where the two parties to the transaction live. Paying a salary to an employee can be a tall order because the payment may take days to arrive. KLV transactions, thanks to their efficiency, can be used as a swift way of paying out salaries.

How to pay salaries in KLV

How to pay salaries in KLV

In order to start paying salaries in KLV, you can use NOWPayments’ Mass Payments feature. Essentially, the feature enables you to provide a list of all the people that have to receive crypto salaries and specify the sizes of their salaries. The system will then automatically send all salaries to their recipients. To use Mas Payments, you will need to register on the official website of NOWPayments. The registration is free, and you will have to pay a small fee only when using the Mass Payments solution.


KLV is a cryptocurrency that is exceptionally suitable for using as salary. Businesses can benefit from KLV salaries by lowering their costs and making the sensing salary more efficient. Companies can use NOWPayments’ Mass Payments to send KLV salaries.