How to accept DTravel token and get fiat?

Dtravel is an innovative platform that uses the principles of a decentralized autonomous organization and brings it to the sphere of vacation rentals. By removing intermediaries from the equation, Dtravel creates an ecosystem where hosts and their guests can build direct communication and agree on the terms they both find appropriate. The TRVL token gives power over the platform to the community. TRVL is backed by the utility of the Dtravel platform and it constitutes an excellent solution for crypto payments. Thanks to NOWPayments, businesses can charge their clients in TRVL tokens and get paid in fiat.

How to accept DTravel token and get fiat?

Key points:

  • Dtravel is a next-gen home-sharing solution.
  • $TRVL payments are universal and available 24/7.
  • Accept $TRVL payments and get paid in fiat using NOWPayments.

What is DTravel crypto?

Dtravel is a web3 direct booking platform facilitating vacation rentals without third parties. Dtravel’s main value stems from greater ownership, lower fees, and more control for both guests and hosts. The TRVL coin acts as the utility token in the Dtravel ecosystem. TRVL is used by guests and hosts as a means of payment. Additionally, TRVL can be staked to participate in the governance of the project. Holding the TRVL token grants you the right to become an owner in the Dtravel ecosystem and can take part in various activities. TRVL exists on two networks, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Advantages of TRVL token

Benefit from the Dtravel ecosystem

Benefit from the Dtravel ecosystem

Dtravel is building a large home-sharing ecosystem and the main way to benefit from it is to have TRVL. Basically, businesses that rent out houses, flats, and other accommodations can integrate TRVL as a payment method in order to access the Dtravel platform. The TRVL crypto provides holders with a chance to govern the platform and influence the future course of development. TRVL users are also eligible for TRVL coin rewards which is a nice bonus for using the crypto. Since Dtravel is gradually growing its network of hosts and guests, there is a lot of potential in the project and you can tap into it by implementing TRVL payments.

Simple international payments

Simple international payments

At the same time, TRVL is not limited to the use by home-sharing businesses, since it has much more to offer. For instance, any company may be interested in TRVL payments thanks to the ease of international transfers offered by the coin.

Since TRVL is a decentralized and peer-to-peer currency, it does not have any intermediaries and obstacles inherent to the traditional banking system. As a result, TRVL token transactions can be transferred across the entire globe quickly and without delays. It will take mere minutes for a person living in Australia to send a sum in the Dtravel token to their friend in London. So, businesses can capitalize on this feature of TRVL and deploy Dtravel coin payments as a way to facilitate the payment process for their clients from different parts of the world.

Let clients pay anonymously

Let clients pay anonymously with TRVL

Many people are exceptionally conscious of their privacy, especially when they do online shopping or book hotels and places to stay. TRVL allows people to conduct anonymous transactions not tied to their names or other personal information.

So, businesses can utilize their aspect of TRVL to their advantage and enable their clients to make anonymous payments. It does not matter whether you own a home-sharing business or a convenience store, TRVL is a universal solution providing a high level of privacy. Anonymous payments also can become a unique feature of your business helping you to boost your brand’s visibility on the market.

No chargeback fraud

No chargeback fraud with TRVL

Chargeback fraud is a serious concern for many companies in different industries. Chargebacks are an inalienable part of the centralized banking system. Banks are in full control of chargebacks, and they decide whether to grant them or not.

Oftentimes, they provide chargebacks wrongly which translates into financial losses and possible problems such as blocked bank accounts for businesses. The TRVL token exists on the blockchain, a decentralized technology where there are no authorities possessing the capacity to carry out chargebacks. Thus, businesses can feature TRVL payments as a way to avoid chargeback fraud and protect themselves from illegal activities.

Always in operation

TRVL is always in operation

Dtravel does not have any delays or breaks in operation 24/7 and all year round. It does not matter whether it is a national holiday or nighttime, Dtravel lets you make TRVL transactions at any moment whenever it is convenient for you.

This is great news for businesses that have international clients since by featuring TRVL payments they will be able to accept payments all day.

How to let customers pay with DTravel and get fiat

NOWPayments is a TRVL payment gateway that facilitates the process of accepting Dtravel payments for businesses and individuals. By using NOWPayments’ auto conversion feature, companies can charge their clients in the Dtravel crypto but receive the payment sum in fiat. If you wish to enable fiat withdrawals, follow these steps

  1. Register and verify with our partner Switchere — safe, licensed, and trusted crypto exchange service.
  2. Then, the merchants should enter the same email address that they used to register on Switchere in their NOWPayments account.
  3. Once registration is done, merchants can cash out to fiat as often as they want without any more doublechecks. The process will be conducted automatically and money will land into the chosen SEPA bank account.


NOWPayments provides businesses with an opportunity to feature Dtravel currency payments but accept the final sum in fiat.

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