Why travel businesses should accept DTravel ($TRVL)

Recently, crypto projects intended for specific industries and market segments have started to emerge. Dtravel is one of them. Dtravel provides travel industry stakeholders with a modern decentralized platform where they can interact. Specifically, Dtravel seeks to create a new milestone in the segment of home-sharing. Judging by its performance, it is quite successful in its mission. Travel businesses are an inherent part of Dtravel, and they can gain a lot of benefits from featuring TRVL, the native cryptocurrency of Dtravel. NOWPayments provides travel businesses with simple and reliable tools for featuring TRVL payments.

Why should travel businesses accept DTravel

Key points:

  • TRVL is the native currency of Dtravel.
  • TRVL payments enable travel businesses to attract new clients and receive rewards.
  • NOWPayments provides tools for accepting TRVL payments to all travel industry stakeholders.

What is DTravel?

Dtravel is a platform that makes home-sharing easier and more comfortable for everyone. Yet, the key feature of Dtravel is that it is fully decentralized. Specifically, Dtravel is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The Dtravel community is owned and governed strictly by its members. Basically, instead of a group of managers, Dtravel is controlled by hosts, guests, as well as the holders of the TRVL token.

Dtravel is not a for-profit organization. Instead, it is an autonomous collective governed by the members. This is why Dtravel members have the ability to influence the future of the platform and its development. As a member of Dtravel, you will be given the capacity to establish the policies, vision, and direction of the Dtravel ecosystem.

Ways to improve your travel business using DTravel

Participate in platform governance

Participate in platform governance

Governance by the community through the Dtravel DAO is one of the key features of Dtravel. By accepting and holding TRVL tokens, travel businesses can participate, submit proposals, vote on submitted proposals, and, ultimately, have a say on decisions that will influence the future of Dtravel. Each member’s voting power is dependent on the amount of TRVL assigned by the member.

No chargeback fraud

No chargeback fraud

TRVL tokens are deployed on the Ethereum and BSC networks. Thus, TRVL transactions are irreversible. This means that there is no way of recovering the funds once they are sent to another crypto address. This feature of blockchain is beneficial for businesses that want to get rid of the problem of chargeback fraud. Travel businesses are common victims of criminals who use chargeback for illegal profits. Yet, TRVL payments can help travel companies to forget about this issue forever.

Borderless payments

Borderless payments

Dtravel is intended primarily for hosts and guests. Yet, the travel businesses are diverse, and there is a great number of stakeholders who also can benefit from Dtravel’s cryptocurrency. TRVL is a universal cryptocurrency which has all the advantages of decentralization. One of the main ones is that TRVL transactions are borderless. This means that TRVL transactions can be sent purely on a peer-to-peer basis without the involvement of any third parties such as banks. Since there are no banks between the sender and recipient, they can exchange money directly. This greatly facilitates the payment process for businesses. Companies, by accepting TRVL, can provide their clients with a payment method which is easy to use and does not require them to provide any personal info or undergo KYC procedures. Access to the Internet is practically everything you need to start sending and accepting TRVL. Travel businesses such as airline companies can accept TRVL as payment from clients who have this currency in their crypto wallets. The adoption of TRVL by travel industry stakeholders outside of Dtravel will further expand the ecosystem of the platform bringing benefits to every party involved.

Get new clients

Get new clients

Dtravel is expected to grow into a massive community consisting of both businesses and hosts. This is why by featuring TRVL tokens as means of payment, travel companies can potentially attract a great number of new clients. Offering TRVL tokens as payment is a great way to get the attention of all Dtravel members. Moreover, TRVL-powered businesses can attract crypto enthusiasts in general. After all, it is extremely easy to exchange TRVL tokens for any other crypto. Featuring crypto payments is also a cool way to drive your publicity forward.

How to accept Dtravel as payment

While businesses can accept TRVL using Dtravel, there are also opportunities for deploying a TRVL payments gateway outside of the native platform. Particularly, such a way is relevant for companies which do not offer home-sharing services and are engaged in other segments of the travel industry. Businesses can accept TRVL using NOWPayments’ solutions. For instance, companies can implement crypto invoices and issue them using a web-based Point-of-Sale crypto terminal. There is also a tool for accepting subscription-based payments.

Owners of online stores deployed on PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Shopware can utilize crypto plugins to set up their TRVL payment gateway.

Travel bloggers can place widgets, buttons, and links on their pages to collect TRVL donations.


Dtravel offers new opportunities to millions of travel industry stakeholders. Although, for now, the platform primarily focuses on home-sharing, other types of businesses can still offer TRVL payments to their clients. NOWPayments features several tools for helping companies and individuals to accept TRVL payments and donations.