How can I boost my project with FEG Token?

Feed Every Gorilla token (FEG) is a multi-chain token that exists on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. FEG Token acts as the governance token of the project’s decentralized trading ecosystem. It also provides passive income opportunities to FEGtoken holders through staking and earning off the tax fees of the token’s non-custodial wallet, From The Wallet “FTW.” NOWPayments lets businesses and individuals accept FEG crypto payments by integrating reliable tools.

How can I boost my project with FEG Token?

Key points:

Reasons FEG crypto benefits my company

Full control over your funds

Full control over your funds

FEG is a decentralized currency which allows users to be the sole owners of their coins and avoid exposing them to the risks inherent in traditional finance. Basically, when businesses accept payments, the money they receive goes into their bank account.

While keeping money in a bank is convenient, it comes with several problems. For instance, banks can temporarily freeze the accounts of their clients, thus blocking their operations. This is a source of major concern for many businesses who risk losing a great deal of money if they stop being able to take payments.

In the case of FEG, users can retain complete control over their funds if they keep their coins in a non-custodial wallet. There is no authority capable of freezing their operations or denying them a right to use FEG. Essentially, FEG is permissionless, and users can transfer their coins freely 24/7 and all year round.

Say goodbye to fraudsters

Say goodbye to fraudsters with FEG

FEG runs on highly-secure blockchains, Ethereum and BSC, which make it resistant to various hacking attempts. So, FEG investors that keep their coins in a non-custodial wallet can be sure that their coins are safe and sound no matter what.

Moreover, FEG transactions are protected from different types of fraud, especially the chargeback-based one. Businesses encounter chargeback fraud on many occasions since it is quite easy for criminals to engage in.

Banks and services such as PayPal retain full control over the operations of their clients and can reverse certain transactions. Illegal chargebacks affect merchants selling digital products the most. Usually, payment processors do not check whether the digital product was delivered and simply make a chargeback. This strips businesses of their hard-earned money. FEG payments can help businesses to solve the chargeback fraud issue forever. FEG transactions are irreversible, so criminals will not be able to dispute a transaction made in FEG.

Global peer-to-peer transfers

Global peer-to-peer transfers

FEG is also a great asset for companies that extensively engage in international trade since the coin is borderless. FEG cryptocurrency transactions are not subject to laws or restrictions imposed by various jurisdictions. So, FEG exists above borders and can be transferred quickly to any part of the world.

The efficiency of FEG transactions is driven by the peer-to-peer nature of blockchain technology. Basically, when users transfer FEG, they do it directly without relying on any intermediaries. Subsequently, FEG transactions get processed almost instantly, no matter how long the distance between the sender and recipient.

This is why businesses that work with many foreign clients from dozens of countries can greatly benefit from featuring FEG payments. FEG is much more convenient for conducting international payments than any of its mainstream alternatives. By implementing FEGToken payments, businesses will get rid of numerous bank issues such as delays in international money transfers.

Private payments

Private payments with FEG Token

Privacy is a privilege when it comes to payments. Today, banks know everything about their clients’ spending habits and instantly get notified about each of their transactions.

This does not sit well with many people who, nevertheless, do not have a choice most of the time and simply have to go with the flow.

Yet, by integrating FEG payments, businesses can offer their clients to pay for products and services absolutely anonymously. FEG transactions do not contain any information about users and are not even tied to their names. In fact, FEG does not even have a standard registration process requiring you to disclose your identity. These features make FEG a great solution for private payments. Some people prefer to maintain confidentiality when shopping, and FEG is great for giving them such an opportunity. Moreover, a chance of paying anonymously can potentially be a real source of competitive advantage for some companies.

Great potential for attracting new clients

Great potential for attracting new clients

Cryptocurrencies are a trillion-dollar industry in which millions of people participate. Each cryptocurrency has its loyal community of investors, developers, enthusiasts, and fans who try to promote their favorite coin in different ways to make it even more popular. So, whenever such a community sees that a new use case for their coin has emerged, they try to support it and utilize it.

Although FEG is still a relatively new project, especially compared to Bitcoin, it already possesses a large community of investors. This is why businesses can attract the attention of the FEG community by featuring FEG cryptocurrency payments. Moreover, since FEG is a new project, there are not as many use cases for it, meaning that companies can get more attention if they integrate FEG payments now. Companies that seize this opportunity may not only get a certain share of the community to buy their products once but turn these people into their recurring customers.

I want to accept FEG Token crypto… What do I do?

NOWPayments offers multiple tools for featuring FEGToken payments. Here is the list of all available options:

  • eCommerce plugins: These plugins are compatible with PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, WHMCS, OpenCart, Zen Cart, Shopify, and Shopware.
  • Crypto invoices and a PoS terminal: Businesses can use crypto invoices and a virtual Point-of-Sale terminal.
  • Subscriptions: Some companies may deploy special subscription-based payments.
  • API: NOWPayments’ versatile API enables businesses to create custom crypto payment solutions.
  • Payouts: You can send mass payouts as a salary, bonus, reward, or rebate automatically to as many addresses as you wish.

Here is how you can create a FEG payment invoice:

Register a NOWPayments account
  • Enter your public FEG address.
Enter your public FEG address
  • Press “Create an invoice.”
Create an invoice
  • Enter the details of your invoice.
Enter the details of your invoice
  • You will receive an invoice that your clients will be able to settle by simply scanning its QR code.
You will receive an invoice


NOWPayments enables merchants to accept Feed Every Gorilla token payments without any delays.

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